What is the abbreviation for LCD?

LCD is the abbreviation of Liquid Crystal Display. The structure of LCD is to place liquid crystals in two parallel pieces of glass. There are many vertical and horizontal thin wires between the two pieces of glass. The rod-shaped crystal molecules are controlled by whether they are powered or not. Change the direction and refract the light to produce the picture. Much better than CRT, but more expensive

LCD liquid crystal projector is the product of the combination of liquid crystal display technology and projection technology. It uses the electro-optic effect of liquid crystal to control the transmittance and reflectivity of the liquid crystal unit through the circuit, thereby producing different gray levels and as many as 1,670 million colors. beautiful images. The main imaging device of an LCD projector is a liquid crystal panel. The volume of an LCD projector depends on the size of the LCD panel, the smaller the LCD panel, the smaller the projector is.

According to the electro-optic effect, liquid crystal materials can be divided into two categories: active liquid crystal and inactive liquid crystal, among which active liquid crystal has high light transmittance and controllability. The liquid crystal panel uses active liquid crystal, and people can control the brightness and color of the liquid crystal panel through the relevant control system.

Like LCD monitors, LCD projectors use twisted nematic liquid crystals. The light source of the LCD projector is a special high-power bulb, and the luminous energy is much higher than that of the CRT projector that uses fluorescent light, so the brightness and color saturation of the LCD projector are higher than that of the CRT projector.

The pixel of the LCD projector is the liquid crystal unit on the liquid crystal panel. Once the liquid crystal panel is selected, the resolution is basically determined, so the function of adjusting the resolution of the LCD projector is worse than that of the CRT projector.

LCD projectors can be divided into single-chip and three-chip types according to the number of internal liquid crystal panels. Most modern LCD projectors use three-chip LCD panels (Figure 1). The three-chip LCD projector uses red, green, and blue liquid crystal panels as the control layers for red, green, and blue light, respectively.

The white light emitted by the light source passes through the lens group and then converges to the dichroic mirror group. The red light is first separated and projected onto the red liquid crystal panel. The image information represented by transparency “recorded” by the liquid crystal panel is projected into the image. red light information.

The green light is projected on the green liquid crystal panel to form the green light information in the image. Similarly, the blue light passes through the blue liquid crystal panel to generate the blue light information in the image. The three colors of light are converged in the prism and projected by the projection lens to A full-color image is formed on the projection screen.

Three-chip LCD projectors have higher image quality and higher brightness than single-chip LCD projectors. LCD projectors are small in size, light in weight, simple in manufacturing process, high in brightness and contrast ratio, and moderate in resolution. Now the market share of LCD projectors accounts for more than 70% of the total market share, which is the current market share. The tallest and most widely used projector.



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