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Analysis Of LED Display And Technical Advantages

LED display is also called electronic display. It is composed of LED dot matrix. It displays text, pictures, animation, and video by turning on or off the red or green lamp beads. The content can be replaced at any time. Each part of the component is a modular display. Device. It usually consists of display module, control system and power supply system. The display module is composed of a dot matrix composed of LED lights and is responsible for luminous display; the control system can make the screen display text, pictures, videos and other content by controlling the corresponding area to turn on and off; the power system is responsible for converting the input voltage and current to what the display needs Voltage and current.

The LED display screen can display changing numbers, text, and graphic images; it can be used not only in an indoor environment but also in an outdoor environment, and has the incomparable advantages of projectors, TV walls, and LCD screens.

LED Dot Matrix
LED Dot Matrix

The performance characteristics of LED display:

The luminous brightness is strong. Within the visible distance, when the sun shines directly on the surface of the screen, the display content is clearly visible;

Super gray control. With 1024~4096 gray scale control, display color above 16.7M, clear and vivid color, strong three-dimensional feeling;

Using static latch scanning mode, high-power drive, fully guarantee the brightness of the light;

With automatic brightness adjustment function, the best playback effect can be obtained in different brightness environments;

Imported large-scale integrated circuits are fully adopted, which greatly improves the reliability and facilitates debugging and maintenance;

Work around the clock, fully adapt to various harsh outdoor environments, with strong overall performance of anti-corrosion, waterproof, moisture-proof, lightning protection, and seismic resistance, high cost performance, and good display performance;

Advanced digital video processing, technology distributed scanning, modular design, constant current static drive, automatic brightness adjustment, clear images, no jitter and ghosting, and eliminate distortion;

Video, animation, graphics, text, pictures and other information display, network display, remote control of the color and technology of LED.

Technology Of LED
Technology Of LED

Technical advantages of LED display:

Using imported high-quality LED dies to make full-color display, it has the advantages of large viewing angle, low power consumption, uniform color, ultra-thin screen thickness, light weight, low failure rate, and easy maintenance;

Using PCTV card, this card is a multi-media display card with excellent performance that integrates display, capture, video capture and other functions, the card is attached with a Studio editing software;

Adopt the latest DVI interface technology. Because there is no A/D and D/A conversion process, the loss of image details is avoided, thus ensuring the perfect reproduction of computer images on the display screen. Now DVI can support all display modes from VGA (640×480) to HDTV (1920×1080) and QXGA (2048×1536). In addition, the LED display system developed using DVI interface can integrate many important functions on the basis of obtaining stable and reliable display data;

Use indoor full-color system. In addition to the task of distributing display data, the chip is characterized by converting received 8-bit (8bit) display data into 12-bit PWM output pulses, enabling the display to achieve 4096 (12bit) gray scale control to ensure non-linearity The realization of 256-level visual gray scale achieves a full-true color visual effect, which can fundamentally solve the system complexity problem of the digital display system due to excessive data transmission;

Use constant current drive. The circuit technology is mature and reliable, and has been widely used in full-color displays. It has a high cost performance. It is a constant current drive chip commonly used by many companies. It can better solve the defect of the discreteness of LED tube voltage drop and has good performance. Mosaic

Use optical fiber transmission to reduce signal loss.

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