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LED Displays Solutions
HOLA-LED provides high-quality LED display products and professional solutions for your business expansion.
LED Displays Solutions
HOLA-LED provides high-quality LED display products and professional solutions for your business expansion.
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Hola-LED Company Introduction

We are devoted to developing, manufacturing, and marketing Indoor & outdoor LED display products. Our company is a professional LED display manufacturer and supplier with more than 10 years of LED display supply experience and enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad.

We adhere to the principle of “efficient & high integrity”, strictly followed by the requirements of the ISO9001:2015 quality system, and insist on offering customers with excellent quality, reasonable price, sincere service, and fast technical support. Our products are well exported to over 70 countries, covering Asia, the Middle East, America, Europe, and Africa.

Powerful manufacturer won the "Best LED Innovation Award" for three consecutive years

As a local rising star enterprise, we not only have our own design concepts, but also continuously improve our LED technology, and have won the “Best LED Innovation Award” consecutively in the past 3 years.

In August this year, we also won the third place in the “LED Display Benchmark Manufacturer” in an evaluation competition among more than 50 large and small LED display manufacturers across the country, affirming our status with our strength.

Because of professionalism, we win the trust of customers

Hola-LED has the world’s leading LED display project solutions, especially in 3D LED display, XR LED display, interactive floor tile screen.

Led Display Factory
LED Display Production

Customize Your Own Screen

With our dozens of production lines, we have very strong manufacturing capabilities and support one-off customization and small-batch production. We pride ourselves on being the manufacturer of choice for a wide variety of complex LED displays or highly aesthetic LED displays.

  • 8000㎡ of warehousing capacity
  • 14 years of LED display production experience
  • Professional equipment and workshops
  • 80,000 LED modules daily production
  • 8 items automated production lines

Choose Your Application Scenario

Here are a few of our most representative application scenario, each of which I believe will amaze you!

Workers Are Operating The LED Display Production Machine
CNC Operation Saves Time and Effort

A CNC LED module manufacturing machine is mechanical equipment that uses CNC technology to accurately process LED modules. Compared with traditional processing methods, it has higher processing accuracy and higher efficiency.

This is because the module manufacturing machine uses high-precision sensors and computer control systems, which can achieve precise control of the processing position and processing speed. At the same time, the processing tasks of various materials can be completed quickly and accurately.

Automatic Installation Of LED Modules
Intelligent Assembly of LED Modules

HOLA-LED spent a lot of money to import 5 large-scale LED module assembly machines from Germany. It is currently the most advanced LED module assembly machine.

It introduces intelligent image recognition, which can correctly identify the hole position of the LED module, so that each hole position can be accurate. Built-in line memory, through high-precision linear tracking to carry the tooling plate, high conveying accuracy, low noise, small wear, long life and easy maintenance, thus easily achieving a daily production of 80,000 LED modules.

Trust Us With Your Business

High quality, low consumption

As a leading LED display manufacturer, we always insist on giving back to users with high-quality products and lower consumption.

We are always committed to providing high quality hardware and software, excellent pre-sales and after-sales service and win-win cooperation for all customers.

Factory Prices Are More Competitive

We have a large inventory of LED displays, which can save you the most money and time with more competitive prices and quality. This is due to the following aspects:

Automated manufacturing
When producing LED modules, we adopt an unattended automatic production line, which can significantly reduce the labor cost of producing LED displays.

Multiple production lines running simultaneously
In order to meet the increasing production demand, we have opened 8 production lines at the same time to ensure rapid and batch production of LED display products.

Huge quantity, low raw material cost
By purchasing raw materials in large quantities, we can get lower raw material costs than other LED display manufacturers.

Workers Are Testing The LED Module

Cooperation Partner

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  • Novastar
  • Phipne
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