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Commercial LED Small Pitch Display

Commercial LED Display

Wonderful vision, perfect presentation, the best choice for commercial LED displays to play advertisements

HOLA-LED Commercial LED Display

HOLA-LED display manufacturer continues to improve LED technology and always has its own unique design concepts and solutions in the field of commercial displays.

Our commercial LED displays use common cathode and dynamic energy-saving technology, which saves more than 30% energy than conventional LED displays and more than 65% than LCDs.

In the past 10 years, we have been deeply involved in LED display screens and have received praise from many customers. More than 30 countries are now using commercial LED displays produced by HOLA-LED.

Commercial LED Display Product Feature

Chip Icon
High Quality Chip

The LED lamp beads used in our commercial LED displays use imported high-quality chips, which are durable and can be used continuously for about 100,000 hours.​

4K Ultra HD Icon
4K Display

Commercial LED displays can be easily spliced into 4K or 8K resolutions according to customer needs, which is difficult to achieve with LCDs.

Praise Icon
Easy to Use

Commercial LED displays have already packaged various functions, so customers only need to connect a computer or mobile phone to change the content.

Energy Saving Icon
Energy Saving

Due to the different lighting principles of LED displays, they consume less energy and are therefore more environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

Flexible installation method, you can place it in various places

Commercial LED displays are available in three different installation methods: wall-mounted, suspended, and column-mounted.

Wall-mounted installation is suitable for scenes with fixed objects, such as walls, glass, etc., while hanging installation is suitable for indoor scenes without fixed objects, such as empty shopping malls, independent offices, etc. The column type is suitable for outdoor environments without any support at all.

272 Inch Micro LED Display
Commercial HD LED Display Wall

Flexible configuration for use in multiple scenarios

Many types of display devices can only be used in one scene or place, but commercial LED displays can be used in a variety of different places. For example, conference rooms, shopping malls, monitoring rooms, etc.

The installation methods and configuration materials are different according to different scenarios. Take the monitoring room as an example. The system in the monitoring room needs to cooperate with the camera to transmit the captured data to the system for analysis. Sometimes the analyzed picture is a whole picture, and sometimes it needs to be divided into 4 or even more pictures. Analyze and compare.

Only the LED display cannot achieve such an effect. At this time, it needs to be used with a video processor.

More Application Scenarios of Commercial LED Displays

Since there are many types of commercial LED displays and many installation methods, we can see them in many scenarios. In addition to the several scenarios introduced above, there will definitely be more scenes using commercial LED displays in the future.

Commercial HD LED Display Wall Installed In The Villa

Nowadays, many villas no longer use traditional TVs, projections and other display equipment, but instead use commercial LED displays with lower energy consumption and better picture quality.

Commercial LED Display For Fixed Installation In The Auditorium

Some auditorium for fixed performances do not use rental LED displays, but use commercial LED displays, which can be used as background walls to decorate the stage.

Commercial Small Pitch LED Displays Are Being Used To Play Video At The Show

Exhibitions such as furniture exhibitions, food exhibitions, and auto shows will use commercial LED displays to play exhibitors’ advertisements to customers who come to watch the exhibition.

Supermarkets Are Using Commercial Small Pitch LED Screens To Play Advertising Videos

Like shopping malls, supermarkets are also important places to use commercial LED displays. Commercial LED displays such as LED shelf screens and LED mirror screens can all be seen.

Commercial LED Display for Different Scene

Double Pillar LED Display Installed In The Park

Commercial LED displays can not only play some commercial advertisements, but also display weather conditions, real-time news and other content, so that people in the park can see the advertisements intentionally or unintentionally, strengthening the impression of the advertisements.

Commercial LED Display Mounted In Shopping Malls
Shopping mall

As the most important advertising and marketing place, shopping malls are not only the scene where commercial displays are used the most, but also the scene where the most types of displays are used. Commercial LED displays such as transparent LED displays and mirror LED displays can be seen.

Commercial Small Pitch LED Display Installed In The Meeting Room
Meeting room

The most commonly used commercial LED displays in conference rooms are small-pitch LED displays and LED all-in-one displays.

Small-pitch LED displays are usually installed on the walls of conference rooms, while LED all-in-one displays are suitable for scenarios where the space is small or there are multiple conference rooms that need to be reused.

Hd Small Pitch LED Display Used In The Exhibition Hall
Commercial LED displays create more advertising revenue for you in all aspects!
  • “After the salesperson’s introduction, I chose a commercial high-definition small-pitch LED display. Because I think its picture is very clear, and its expressiveness is particularly good.”

    Axel Martin
  • “Judging from the feedback in the past few months, purchasing commercial LED displays is a wise choice. It has significantly increased my store sales.”

    Zahir Reyes
  • “Since switching to a commercial LED display, my monthly electricity bill has been reduced a lot. This may be due to its excellent energy-saving effect!”

    Ephraim Smith
Can the installation method of commercial LED display screen be switched at will?

No it can’t. Because commercial LED displays are customized products, they need to be customized according to certain rules. After customization, there is no way to replace it casually, otherwise it will not fit.

What is the difference between commercial LED display and LCD?

There are many types of commercial LED displays, such as small spacing, transparent screens, floor tile screens, etc., which all belong to the category of commercial displays.

Therefore, first, the types included are different. Secondly, LED displays all have the function of seamless splicing, while LCD When splicing, there will always be a gap that cannot be eliminated.

Can the 2K commercial LED display I am using now be replaced with 4K?

Yes, commercial LED displays support resolution switching, but all LED modules need to be replaced every time you switch.

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