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Creative LED Display At Airport

Creative LED Display

Creative LED display makes your scene, attractive and more distinctive

HOLA-LED Creative LED Display

The creative LED display is an LED display with a special shape. It breaks the simple regular quadrilateral shape of the traditional LED screen and can be spliced into various irregular shapes at will to display highly creative content.

Compared with other LED display manufacturers, the creative LED displays produced by HOLA-LED do not use common circuit templates on the market, but use self-developed LED modules, which makes the colors presented by the creative display fuller and the screen edges more precise.

Creative LED Display Product Feature

Creative Icon

Creative LED displays can not only design a variety of creative shapes, but also create more artistic and unique shapes that match the current environment.

Unique Icon

Different from conventional LED displays, creative LED displays can create a variety of unique shapes, including some shapes that are very difficult to design, such as Möbius strips, Klein bottles, etc.

Flexible Icon

Creative LED displays can flexibly match various scenes or other displays to create unique application scenarios.

Stabilize Icon

Because it uses high-quality LED lamp beads and materials, the quality is very reliable. There will be no problems with normal use for 7–8 years.

HOLA-LED creates a unique LED display for you

HOLA-LED is a professional LED display manufacturer. It has its own unique design concept in creative LED displays and can create unique creative LED displays for you based on the ideas you provide.

We have made a highly adjusted creative LED display before. The top is a trapezoid and the bottom is an inverted triangle, forming a unique balance pendulum shape. It took 3 months to finally achieve the effect the customer wanted.

If you have ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will give you a satisfactory solution.

Creative LED Display Installed In The Mall Building
Diagonal Cylindrical LED Display Installed In The Mall

Creative LED display is the best way to realize art

In addition to the commonly used heart shapes, circles, and spheres, HOLA-LED can also create a variety of unique shapes, such as double spirals, waves, tree shapes, etc.

This provides space designers with more ways to express and realize inspiration in art, and the rest will be left to us to restore this art.

Creative LED Display Installed In KTV
KTV Ceiling Display

As we all know, KTV is a place full of youth and vitality, so the design of the atmosphere and scene should not be too monotonous.

In order to meet personalized display needs, by installing a canopy LED display, a very stunning visual effect can be achieved, thereby attracting more consumers.

Creative LED Display Installed In The Park
Park Link-Shaped LED Display

Although the park is an important place where people gather, if a strange-shaped LED display is placed in the park, it will likely attract more pedestrians to come to rest or take photos, doubling the original flow of people.

Of course, creative LED displays are not just for decoration, but can also play advertisements or weather conditions, emergencies and other content.

Creative LED Displays Mounted On The Ceiling

Companies can attract visiting customers with creative material played on ceiling-mounted creative LED displays. The creative LED display screen installed on the ceiling can also be used for internal company training, information explanation and other functions.

Creative LED Display Installed In The Lobby
Cylindrical LED display in the Science and Technology Museum

As a venue for displaying cutting-edge fashion and technology, the changing shapes of creative LED displays are the best way to display them. It can not only be combined with the science and technology museum’s system to display the information we want in real time, but can also play creative materials with unique shapes.

Creative LED Display for Different Scene

Cake Shaped LED Display Installed In The Mall
Shopping Mall

There are large and small shopping malls in a city, and there are many homogeneous products and design styles. How to stand out from the many shopping malls, the use of creative LED displays is indispensable.

Because it can create very strange shapes, it makes the mall an important scene for taking photos or checking in.

Creative LED Display Is Playing The Movie 'Monkey King Is Back'
Pedestrian Street

For other scenarios, if you need to use creative LED displays in pedestrian streets, you need to plan in advance, because the shops on both sides of the pedestrian street have already been built and finalized.

Generally, you can only install steel structures on the top of the shops and then lay the display screens, so it is difficult to implement More difficult than other scenarios.

Annular LED Display Installed In The Bar

Bars are one of the most commonly used scenes for creative LED displays, because the bars themselves gather young people who pursue a sense of fashion and art, and creative LED displays can just meet this point. No matter how peculiar the shape is, it is no problem for creative LED displays.

Creative LED Display Installed In The Exhibition Hall
Want to have A Unique and Creative LED Display? Don't Hesitate to Contact Us Now!
  • “I have been looking for something that can realize my inspiration, and the creative LED display has achieved the effect I wanted.”

    Hudson Vargas
  • “Before seeing the creative LED display, I never thought that the shape of the LED display could be so strange.”

    Rowan Knight
  • “There are many types of LED displays, but I like the creative LED display the best because it has many unique shapes and a strong sense of art.”

    Ricardo Robertson
What shapes do creative LED displays have?

According to customer needs, creative LED displays can be made into various shapes, such as rings, coke cans, hearts, horns, etc.

What is the difference between creative LED display and flexible LED display?

Creative LED displays are produced by a combination of flexible LED displays and conventional LED displays. Therefore, the difference between the two is that the creative LED display is used in conjunction with other types of LED displays.

Are there standard sizes for creative LED displays?

There are some creative LED displays made up of conventional LED displays that have standard sizes, such as Rubik’s Cube LED displays, while special-shaped LED displays like ribbons, rings, etc. do not have specific sizes.

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