Ranking of the world’s top ten LCD screen manufacturers

With the rapid development of my country’s display industry, the global display industry structure has undergone major changes. At present, the LCD industry is mainly concentrated in China, Japan, and South Korea. With the release of the new production capacity of mainland panel manufacturers, mainland China will become the world’s largest LCD production area shortly. So, what are the top ten LCD manufacturers in the world, and how do they rank?

1. LG Display (LG)

LG Display (Chinese name is LG Display) is currently the world’s No. 1 LCD panel manufacturer, affiliated to LG Group, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, with R&D, production, and trading institutions in China, Japan, South Korea, and the United States and Europe.

LGDisplay’s customers include Apple, HP, DELL, SONY, Toshiba, PHILIPS, Lenovo, Acer, and other world-class consumer electronics manufacturers. Apple’s iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPhone5, iPad, iPad2, TheNewiPad, and the latest iPad mini all use LG Display’s liquid crystal display panel.

2. SAMSUNG (Samsung)

Samsung Electronics is South Korea’s largest electronics industrial company and the largest subsidiary of the Samsung Group. In the late 1990s, Samsung Electronics’ independent technology development and independent product innovation capabilities were further enhanced. Its product development strategy emphasized, “leading technology, using the most advanced technology to develop new products in the introduction stage to meet high-end market needs.” In addition to the matching principle, it also emphasizes the matching principle of “leading technology, using the most advanced technology to develop new products, creating new demands and new high-end markets”.

3. Innolux

Innolux is a professional TFT-LCD panel manufacturing company founded by Foxconn Technology Group in 2003. The factory is located in Shenzhen Longhua Foxconn Technology Park, with an initial investment of RMB 10 billion. Innolux has a strong display technology research and development team, coupled with Foxconn’s strong manufacturing capabilities, and effectively exerts the benefits of vertical integration, which will make a significant contribution to improving the level of the world’s flat-panel display industry.

Innolux conducts production and sales operations in a one-stop manner and provides overall solutions for group system customers. Innolux attaches great importance to the research and development of new products. Star products such as mobile phones, portable and car-mounted DVDs, digital cameras, game consoles, and PDA LCD screens have been put into mass production, and they have quickly seized the market to win market opportunities. Several patents have been obtained.

4. AU Optronics (AUO)

AU Optronics was formerly known as Daqi Technology and was established in August 1996. In 2001, it merged with Lianyou Optoelectronics and changed its name to AU Optronics. In 2006, it acquired Guanghui Electronics again. After the merger, AUO has a complete production line for all generations of large, medium, and small LCD panels. AU Optronics is also the world’s first TFT-LCD design, manufacturing, and R&D company to be publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). AU Optronics took the lead in introducing an energy management platform and was the first manufacturer in the world to obtain ISO50001 energy management system certification and ISO14045 eco-efficiency assessment product system verification, and was selected as the Dow Jones Sustainability World in 2010/2011 and 2011/2012. Index constituent stocks set an important milestone for the industry.

5. BOE

Founded in April 1993, BOE is the largest display panel manufacturer in China and a provider of Internet of Things technology, products, and services. Core businesses include display devices, smart systems, and health services. Display products are widely used in mobile phones, tablet computers, notebook computers, monitors, TVs, vehicles, wearable devices, and other fields; smart systems build IoT platforms for new retail, transportation, finance, education, art, medical and other fields, providing ” “Hardware products + software platform + scenario application” overall solution; the health service business is combined with medicine and life technology to develop mobile health, regenerative medicine, and O+O medical services, and integrate the resources of the health park.

At present, BOE’s shipments in notebook LCD screens, flat-panel LCD screens, mobile phone LCD screens, and other fields have reached the world’s first place. Its successful entry into Apple’s supply chain will become the world’s top three LCD panel manufacturers soon.

6, Sharp (SHARP)

Sharp is known as the “Father of LCD Panels.” Since its establishment in 1912, Sharp Corporation has developed the world’s first calculator and liquid crystal display, represented by the invention of the live pencil, which is the origin of the current company’s name. At the same time, Sharp is actively expanding into new areas to improve the living standards of human beings and society. Contribute to progress.

The company aims to “create a unique company in the 21st-century life” through its unparalleled “ingenuity” and “advancedness” that transcends the times. As a sales company operating video, home appliances, mobile phones, and information products, it is located in major cities across the country. The establishment of business points and a complete after-sales service network have met the needs of consumers. Sharp has been acquired by Hon Hai.

7. Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT)

Established in 1971, Chunghwa Picture Tubes is committed to the development of display technology. Continuous innovative design and research and development have introduced high-quality innovative products to meet human needs for visual enjoyment.

Chunghwa Picture Tubes has rich experience in R&D and mass production of video products, combined with advantageous technologies such as wide viewing angles, fast response, and high color saturation, and constantly launches new products, improves product quality and service standards, and exerts “creative innovation, the pursuit of perfection, and unity” The business philosophy of “cooperation” is dedicated to the research and development of a full range of products ranging from small to large sizes, and actively strives to innovate in all-round optoelectronic technology, becoming a leader in the video industry.

8. Toshiba Group (TOSHIBA)

Toshiba is a well-known multinational enterprise group with a history of 130 years, with a wide range of business, involving social infrastructure construction, household appliances, digital products, electronic components, and other business fields, covering almost all aspects of production and life. Toshiba has the largest R&D institution in Japan. Through unremitting innovation and development, Toshiba has always been at the forefront of world science and technology. From launching Japan’s first washing machines, refrigerators, and other household appliances, to developing the world’s first notebook computer, the first 16MB flash memory, the world’s smallest 0.85-inch HDD; creating advanced HDDVD technology; researching and manufacturing new SED displays, Toshiba has created many “world firsts” and has contributed to changing people’s lives through continuous technological innovation. Recently, Toshiba is gradually withdrawing from the home appliances and electronic product markets and developing into industries with higher technological content.

9. Tianma Microelectronics (TIANMA)

Tianma Microelectronics was established in 1983 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1995. It is an innovative technology company that provides display solutions and fast service support for global customers.

The company independently masters leading technologies including LTPS-TFT, AMOLED, flexible display, Oxide-TFT, 3D display, transparent display, and IN-CELL/ON-CELL integrated touch control. The company has a national engineering laboratory for TFT-LCD key materials and technology, a national-level enterprise technology center, a post-doctoral mobile workstation, and undertakes many major national-level special projects such as the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The company’s strong technology and scientific research capabilities have become the cornerstone of the company’s sustainable development.

10. Kyocera Corporation (Kyocera)

Kyocera Corporation was established in 1959 as a manufacturer of technical ceramics. Technical ceramics refers to a series of advanced materials with unique physical, chemical, and electronic properties. Today, most of Kyocera’s products are related to telecommunications, including semiconductor components, radiofrequency and microwave product packages, passive electronic components, wireless mobile phones and network equipment, crystal oscillators and connectors, and optoelectronic products used in optoelectronic communication networks.


The LCD panel is the core component of the LCD display, also known as the LCD module (LCD module). It is a planar structure composed of liquid crystal material, glass substrate, electrodes and other key components.

Liquid crystal material is a key element located in the LCD panel. Liquid crystal molecules can change their orientation according to the action of an external electric field to control the degree of light transmission. LCD panels are usually made of two glass substrates (called glass substrates) sandwiching a liquid crystal material between the two glass substrates.

The glass substrate is the basic structure of the LCD panel, which has sufficient transparency and flatness to ensure the clarity and accuracy of the image on the display. The glass substrate is covered with transparent electrodes, which are used to apply an electric field to the liquid crystal material to control the orientation of the liquid crystal molecules.

The LCD panel also includes other key components, such as polar plates, color filters, backlight, etc., to achieve color reproduction and display functions.

The liquid crystal panel is the core technology of the liquid crystal display. By adjusting the orientation of the liquid crystal molecules through the electric field on the liquid crystal panel, the degree of light transmission can be controlled, and finally images or characters can be presented. According to different application requirements, LCD panels can be manufactured into LCD displays of various sizes, resolutions and functions.

Large LCD screen is a large size LCD screen. Liquid crystal display (LCD) is a flat display technology widely used in electronic devices, which uses liquid crystal materials to control the transmission and blocking of light to display images or text.

Large LCD screens usually refer to liquid crystal display devices with large screen sizes. Common sizes include TV screens, computer monitors, and commercial display screens over 40 inches. These large-size LCD screens are often used in home entertainment, commercial advertising, conference display and other occasions.

Compared with smaller LCD screens, large LCD screens have the following characteristics:

1. Larger display area: The large LCD screen has a wider display area, which can provide greater visual effects and better viewing experience.

2. High resolution: Large LCD screens are usually equipped with higher resolution, which can present clearer and more delicate images and text.

3. Multiple application scenarios: Large LCD screens can be used in various places such as home, business and education, such as home theaters, store billboards, conference room displays, etc.

4. Interactivity: Some large LCD screens also have a touch screen function, and users can interact, operate and control the screen through the touch screen.

In general, large LCD screens can provide a larger display area and higher resolution, and are widely used in various occasions to meet people’s needs for large-size, high-quality visual experience.

LED display manufacturers are companies that specialize in the production and sale of LED displays. LED display is a flat display technology that uses LED (Light Emitting Diode) as the light source. LED displays are widely used in various indoor and outdoor occasions, including commercial billboards, stage backgrounds, stadiums, traffic lights, etc.

Some well-known LED display manufacturers include:

Shenzhen Yiguang Technology Co., Ltd. (Absen): Absen is one of the largest LED display manufacturers in China, providing a variety of indoor and outdoor LED display products and solutions.

Hongda International Electronics Co., Ltd. (Leyard): Leyard is one of the world’s leading LED display suppliers, providing a variety of innovative LED display products and solutions.

Liantronics: Liantronics is a well-known LED display manufacturer in China, focusing on indoor and outdoor large-screen display technologies and solutions.

Samsung Electronics (Samsung): Samsung is a world-renowned manufacturer of electronic products, and also has a wide range of product lines and solutions in the field of LED displays.

LG Electronics (LG): LG is a well-known electronics manufacturer in South Korea, and its subsidiary LG Display also focuses on the R&D and production of LED display technology.

These are just some of the well-known LED display manufacturers, there are many other manufacturers in the market that offer a variety of different specifications and types of LED display products.

As of the current date (August 2023), the world’s largest LCD panel maker is South Korea’s Samsung Display. Samsung Display has long held a leading position in the LCD panel field and provides high-quality LCD screens for a variety of devices around the world, including TVs, smartphones, tablets, and computer monitors. Samsung Display is in a leading position in terms of technological innovation, production scale and market share.

However, the LCD panel market is highly competitive, and other companies such as LG Display, BOE, BOE Display, and Innolux are also important players among global LCD panel manufacturers, and they also have certain influence in terms of market share and technical strength. Therefore, the market position of LCD panel makers may fluctuate and needs to be evaluated according to specific time and market dynamics.

Here are some well-known companies that are considered as top LCD Display Manufacturers:

1. LG Display (LG Display): Headquartered in South Korea, LG Display is one of the world’s leading LCD display manufacturers, offering a wide range of sizes and types of LCD display products.

2. Samsung Display (Samsung Display): Headquartered in South Korea, Samsung Display is one of the world’s largest LCD panel manufacturers, providing high-quality LCD display products for TVs, smartphones and other devices.

3. BOE (BOE Display): Headquartered in China, BOE is one of the world’s leading LCD display manufacturers, offering LCD display products in various sizes and applications.

4. Innolux (Innolux): Headquartered in Taiwan, Innolux is one of the world’s leading suppliers of liquid crystal display technology, providing LCD displays in a variety of specifications and applications.

5. AU Optronics (AU Optronics): Headquartered in Taiwan, AU Optronics is one of the world’s leading LCD display manufacturers, offering LCD display products in a variety of screen sizes and applications.

These companies have a high reputation and status in terms of technology research and development, manufacturing capabilities, product quality and market share. However, the market is highly competitive, and some other companies such as BOE, AU Optronics, and Sharp also occupy a place in the LCD display industry, and it is necessary to select a suitable supplier based on specific needs and market dynamics.


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