What are the LED display parameters & setting ?

Summary: How to set the parameters of the LED advertising screen? An important step in setting software parameters is to calculate clearly the width and height of the screen, and how many points they are. Although the scope of application of led display is more and more extensive, most people still don’t know much about some basic setting information of led display. Different control card setting methods are different. You can download the control card manual from the website or make an after-sales call. Let us understand how to set the parameters of the led display.

1. How to set the parameters of the LED advertising screen

Although the scope of LED display is more and more advertised, most people still don’t know much about the basic setting information of LED display. How to set the parameters of the led display is the first to do.

Single and double color bar screen, this setting is relatively simple, it is often said that the control parameter setting, the user can change it at will, all types of controllers are similar, but some invisible parameters and some software require shortcut keys to call out, or require engineering passwords, treat this Certain professional knowledge is required.

In short, different control card setting methods are different. You can download the control card manual from the website or make an after-sales call.

2. how to set outdoor led display parameters

A light bulb is a point. Then you see what your cell board looks like. How long and how wide, then you can use some basic mathematical calculations.

The indoor is generally 64*32, and the outdoor is generally 32*16.

Outdoor: 21*32=672 4*16=64

Indoor: 21*64=1344 4*32=128

3. the main functional requirements analysis and model construction of the led display

Due to different manufacturers, the number of parameter items of their led display screens is also different, but basically, each display screen has more than 20 items. After analysis and classification, it can be divided into three types: core parameters, basic parameters, and auxiliary parameters.

(1) Core parameters

The core parameter is the necessary parameter of the led display screen. If the setting is not correct, it will not display at the light, and it will burn the screen if it is set incorrectly. The core parameters include cascade direction, OE polarity, data polarity, led display type, color, scanning mode, walking point order, and row order, a total of 8 items.

The working principle of LED display

(2) Basic parameters

The basic parameter is the basic parameter of the led display screen. If the setting is incorrect, it will not be able to communicate, not display or display abnormally. Basic parameters include display width, display height, control card address, baud rate, IP address, port number, MAC address, subnet mask, gateway, LED display refresh frequency, shift clock frequency, and line blanking time There are 12 items in total.

(3) Auxiliary parameters

Auxiliary parameters are parameters set for better display and control, including 4 items including control card name, communication display mark, brightness, and switching screen time.



What are the LED display parameters & setting ?


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