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What Are The Advantages Of LED Interactive Floor Tiles?

With the development of technology, luminous floor tiles that can interact with people appear, and they’re novel and interesting experience methods are favored by the market. The realization principle of the LED interactive floor tile screen is to set a pressure sensor or capacitive sensor or infrared sensor on the floor tile.

When a person interacts with the floor tile screen, these sensors sense the position of the person and feed back its trigger information to the main controller. Then the main controller logic judges and outputs the corresponding display effect. So, do you know the advantages of LED interactive floor tiles?

LED Interactive Floor Tiles
LED Interactive Floor Tiles

Product advantages of LED interactive floor tile:

  1. Ultra-thin: single cabinet 5-7.5KG, thickness 70-100mm;
  2. Ultra-high refresh rate: It can ensure that high-definition cameras and cameras can capture high-definition fine displays when shooting;
  3. Low brightness and high grayscale performance: In a low brightness environment, the display grayscale is uniform, and the display consistency is good;
  4.  High contrast: mask design, black body patch, non-reflective surface, large viewing angle, good display effect;
  5.  High brightness and color uniformity: use the same batch of high-quality light-emitting devices to ensure high uniformity;
  6. Adopt an advanced blanking scheme: eliminate the phenomenon of darkness and ghosting;
  7. High reliability and long life: the use of in-line adapter board design simplifies cabinet connection, reduces connection problems, and reduces signal attenuation and interference. High-quality light-emitting devices ensure high reliability and long life;
  8. Seamless and fast splicing, simple maintenance and repair: the lock structure is adopted, and the splicing operation can be simple and convenient without tools;
  9. No noise: silent design, free air-conditioning, fanless installation, eliminate noise, reduce power consumption, save energy and energy;
  10.  Real-time error detection function: You can detect whether each LED is open without adding additional external components, and you can eliminate problems such as crossover.
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