What are the functions of the conventional LED display P3?

As a medium, LED display screens have often appeared in people’s sight, and have been widely used in various industries, such as theaters, stadiums, television studios, exhibition halls, monitoring rooms, conference centers, securities trading , Cafes, hotels, stages, airports, large shopping malls, stations, commercial buildings, government offices and other indoor places.

The LED display P3 is an indoor full-color LED display with a dot pitch of 3mm. Its dot density is 111111 dots/㎡. It is made of SMD 2121 black lights. The module resolution is 64 dots*64 dots. The module size is 192mm*192mm. , No matter how big the screen is, it is made up of modules one by one, which can realize seamless splicing, and the screen has many functions. So, do you know what function the LED display P3 has?

The functions of the LED display P3 are as follows:

1. Video broadcast function;

2. Play the camera, and display the video image clearly and without flicker, realizing the live broadcast of various programs;

3. Play video programs such as video recorders and DVD players (VCD, DVD, LD) to meet the basic needs of cultural and sports activities;

4. Can play AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB and other formats of files;

5. Brightness, contrast, saturation and chroma can be adjusted by software, the adjustment range is 256 levels;

6. It has three display modes: overlap (VGA+VIDE), video (Video), and VGA;

7. With Video image compression control function;

8. With display synchronization function;

9. Use Line-Double function to convert interlaced pictures into non-interlaced pictures for motion compensation;

10. One audio signal is provided for the power amplifier, and at least two camera video input interfaces are reserved.

The LED display P3 has developed to the present technology has been very mature, the product is very stable, the phenomenon of large area dead light basically does not exist, the manufacturer will be equipped with a certain amount of spare parts when the product leaves the factory, and will provide the customer with corresponding technical training during the installation. , Small problems customers can solve by themselves.

So how to see the quality of an installed LED display P3?

1. Installation flatness: how the steel structure is made and the skill of the installation master determines the flatness of the screen body, the flatness is good, the display effect of the screen body is better;

2. Brightness consistency: viewing under white balance;

3. How about the refresh rate: You can take a photo with your mobile phone to see the ripple condition of the screen.



What are the functions of the conventional LED display P3?


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