How much is the price of LED electronic display?

How much is the price of led electronic display screen? The price problem is always the customer’s perspective. It is not easy to answer this question specifically, because any kind of product will be divided into good and bad quality, just like mobile phones, there are hundreds, and there are tens of thousands of dollars. The cheap screen you mentioned is several thousand dollars. Square meters, the expensive ones are tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of square meters. If you want to know the price of LED electronic display, you basically have to determine the following requirements to get a more reliable reference price.

First, the impact of specifications on the price of led electronic display

LED display can be divided into outdoor, indoor, monochrome, dual primary color, full color. The price of each type of LED screen is different, and the difference in dot density is also very large.

Second, the impact of raw materials on the price of led electronic display

my country’s LED display is still relatively dependent on foreign technology for raw materials and core technology. Among them, the quality of LED chips is also quite different, and LED lamp beads are also a relatively important factor in price constraints. Each light-emitting chip has its own advantages and disadvantages. American and Japanese chips, because of their continuous control of core technologies, under the background of similar control, the prices of American and Japanese chips remain high. Taiwan and local chip prices are relatively self-made, but there is still a certain gap in performance compared to American and Japanese chips. If the display screen is used in more important occasions, or when the customer’s budget is relatively sufficient, it is recommended to use imported chips; because it is expensive, but the driver IC is very important to affect the quality and life of the LES display screen. factors, and other materials such as power supplies, cabinets, and other accessories made of led displays are affected by the price.

For example, the price of LED lamp beads varies greatly. For example, the cannon elastic 5mm ultra-bright LED lamp bead is a few cents cheaper and a few cents more expensive. Suppose you want to purchase a set of outdoor 10 square meters, the dot pitch is 31.25mm, and the pixel ratio is 2R1G1B. Then the number of red LEDs is 20480, the number of green LEDs is 10240, and the number of blue LEDs is 10240. Assuming A: these three kinds of lamp beads are 5 cents a piece, then the cost of the lamp beads is 2048 yuan; B, these three kinds of lamp beads are 4 cents a piece (imported Nichia lamp beads), then the cost of the lamp beads is 16384 yuan . From this you can see that the cost difference is quite large. The same is true for other components, especially the switching power supply. The price of the LED power supply you use for civilian use is very different from that of Taiwan’s MEAN WELL LED power supply.

For general civilian use, such as the type of moving screen at the entrance of the store, if you choose a single color (red), the dot spacing is 10mm, if you want cheap, the cost can be controlled at 550-700 yuan/m2, but the quality is very poor, it may be very Soon you will find various display problems; but if you have high requirements, the cost can be tens of thousands per square meter. You can calculate the light beads, single color (1R), spacing 10mm, the number of light beads required for one square is 10,000. You know where the cost is!!!

Of course, the above is just an estimate of individual devices. I just want to tell you that you do not have any requirements for this question. In fact, it is difficult for others to answer. If you want to answer, it will take a long time. If you consider other requirements, it is definitely not at this price when you purchase. For example, if the price is 600 to 700 yuan, the seller should also buy it for 1,200 yuan. Otherwise, how can you tell others to live?

The influence of enterprise production cost on the price of led electronic display

The production cost of each enterprise is different, and each display screen includes the production cost in addition to the cost of raw materials. Including, staff salaries, logistics costs and other expenses.

So when we choose LED display, don’t blindly buy because of the price of LED display, not necessarily high price is good, low price is not good, we must choose the right product according to our own needs.

The cost of LED screen is mainly composed of LED lamp beads, PCB, components (mainly driver chips), potting glue (silica gel), switching power supply, control system, plastic kit, chassis (including fasteners) and labor costs. Different point spacing, different customization requirements, different prices. You need to contact the LED display manufacturer for a quotation.

LED electronic display
LED electronic display

The prices of led electronic displays are as follows, for reference only:

1, LED display outdoor P10 full color 3200 yuan / square

2, LED display outdoor P8 full color 4900 yuan / square

3, LED display indoor P4 full color 5500 yuan / square

4, LED display indoor P3 full color 7600 yuan / square

LED display is very common in life, such as outdoor advertising LED screen, indoor LED display and so on. If we want to buy a led display, we need to know the brand, size, model of the display first, and the most important thing is to know more about the price of the led display, and then make a comparison purchase.

The internal frame structure of the indoor LED display is usually made of aluminum alloy, and then combined with the display board circuit and power supply to realize the functional characteristics of the display. Some of the outdoor LED display expansion frames are decorated with aluminum cooked boards. Since the placement of outdoor LED displays will be different, we have to decide on different styles and specifications of LED displays according to the specifications of the LED display and the weight it can carry.



How much is the price of LED electronic display?


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