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What Is The Principle Of Interactive LED Floor Tile Screen?

We should have heard of the LED floor tile screen more or less, but have you heard of the interactive LED display screen? What is its interactive principle? Let’s find out together.

Principle of led interactive floor tile screen

The interactive floor tile display is based on the LED floor tile screen, with the addition of the function of induction and interaction, which greatly enhances the fun of the LED floor tile screen. Its interactive principle is to put pressure sensors capacitive sensors or infrared sensors into the LED floor tile screen.

When a person moves on the floor tile screen, the sensor will send a signal to sense the position of the person and react the trigger information to the main controller, and then the main controller will output the corresponding display effect after logical judgment.

Interactive LED Floor Tile Screen
Interactive LED Floor Tile Screen

Therefore, the video played by the interactive LED display is a specially processed video source, otherwise, the interactive effect cannot be produced. The process is as follows:

First, the special processing software in the computer is controlled by the LED display screen to play, and the signal of the picture is output through DVI/HDMI, etc., connected to the main controller of the video signal processing through the signal cable, and then connected to the signal distribution through the optical fiber or network cable. , so that the distribution shows a well-played picture.

The overall interaction process is:

LED floor tile screen → audience
The LED display screen senses the audience position to generate coordinates

Audience → Control Computer
The coordinates of the audience position are transmitted to the control computer

Control computer → video software
The control computer controls the video software according to the position coordinates

Video software→LED floor tile screen
The video software plays the corresponding material on the LED floor tile screen

From the process of completing the LED interactive induction floor tile screen, we know that compared with the traditional LED floor tile screen, there are three main differences:

The control software is different. On the playback side of the traditional LED display, you only need to use ordinary playback software to play the entire video source, and there is no need to receive other signal types. The interactive LED floor tile screen requires both to be completed at the same time.

It not only needs to be able to play the video source, but also to accept the interactive point position coordinate information returned from the display screen. After receiving the position coordinate information, the control software can call different program files and program files according to the accepted coordinate information. The video file stops playing.

Interactive LED Floor Tile Screen
Interactive LED Floor Tile Screen

This is like playing games on the computer. The LED display is like a computer monitor, the interactive audience is like a mouse, and the interactive point is like the position of the mouse. Clicking the mouse at different positions will call different programs.

The direction of data transmission is different. The data of the traditional LED display is mainly transmitted from the control end to the display end, all of which are one-way outputs, while the LED interactive induction floor tile screen needs two-way transmission to achieve the interactive effect.

The display end of the LED screen is different. The traditional LED display only needs to have a display function, but the interactive LED floor tile screen needs to collect and transmit data. The coordinate information of the interactive point of the interactive audience is transmitted to locate the interactive point. This is also the most critical point of the interactive LED display.

The LED floor tile screen is a very good product used on the ground display. It can be customized and has a good load-bearing and shock-proof effect. Special designs have been made in other aspects so that they can adapt to high-intensity pedaling, operate normally for a long time, and allow the audience to participate in it for endless fun.

LED Floor Tile Screen House
LED Floor Tile Screen House

Main features of LED interactive floor tile screen

  1. The installation is fast and sensitive: it can be installed directly without tools or using guide rails.
  2. Strong load-bearing: the aluminum alloy material structure, the load-bearing capacity of each square meter is as high as 1.5 tons. Based on the weight of 100 kilograms, 1 square meter can carry at least 75 people.
  3. Good maintenance performance: the damaged display products can be exchanged directly without removing the adjacent cabinets.
  4. High-contrast design: technical design mask, dustproof and waterproof, and very clear playback effect.

Advantages of LED interactive floor tile screen

  1. The LED interactive floor tile screen handles the single scene of the traditional floor tile screen. The LED interactive floor tile screen completes the human-screen interaction, which not only brings visual enjoyment to users but also imitates people into real scenes to enhance the interest of the scene.
  2. It is very convenient to maintain, has a long service life, is safe and reliable, and is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
  3. The picture is clear and rich, the viewing angle is also very wide, and the resolution is also very high.
  4. Attract people’s attention, and even become a means of promoting products.
  5. It has the advantages that ordinary floor tile screens do not have, including absolute advantages such as anti-stepping, anti-collision, anti-pressure, and anti-scratch. In addition, it also has super load-bearing and toughness.
  6. Unlike the traditional LED floor tile screen, which can only play fixed pictures according to the predetermined program to meet the performance, the floor tile screen can follow the human body’s activities to present real-time picture effects according to the principle of human body induction.
  7. Excellent low-brightness and high-gray effect, showing average grayscale and good consistency.

Many people may be curious, can LED displays only interact with floor tiles? Not only floor tiles, but also transparent displays can also achieve interactive effects. The principle is very similar to that of floor tiles. As for other products, it is also possible to realize the type The effect is just because there are restrictions, so I listen less.

Taking the common rental display screen as an example, it can also be realized in terms of technical principles. However, because the interactive type display screen needs to use touch or radar sensing to guide the screen at close range, the rental display screen is for the audience to see.

If the singer wants to have an interactive effect, he needs to face the screen and turn his back to the audience. In this case, the audience on the stage does not know what the singer is doing. As for letting the audience interact with the screen on the stage in the auditorium, this technology is not yet available, which is why it is not used in rental displays.

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