What is the difference between LED interactive floor tile screen and interactive projection system

LED floor tile screen is a ground display LED interactive floor tile screen dedicated to ground research and development. Special design and treatment are made in terms of load-bearing, anti-flame retardant, protective performance, non-slip, anti-fat and product performance, so that it can adapt to high Intensive stepping, normal operation for a long time in any environment, no need to add any peripheral protective equipment, such as tempered glass, acrylic, PC board, etc., step on it directly!

LED interactive floor tile screen products can not only be used as a floor tile background, but also can be used as a stage background exhibition stacking and hoisting. From the customer’s point of view, one screen can achieve resource optimization and cost savings.

LED floor tile screen
In some respects, the LED interactive floor tile screen has similarities with the projection system:

Both can map images or interact

But other than that, there is no more similarity between the two
Regardless of the application scenario or the implementation technology, the two are different. Let’s take a look at the application scenario of the LED interactive floor tile screen.

The interactive LED floor tile screen can add a lot of new creative display techniques to various places such as musicals, new product launches, exhibitions, wedding celebrations, bars KTV, amusement parks, etc., and customers can touch and feel through their bodies, and The illusory projection system formed a sharper contrast.

Application scenarios of LED interactive floor tile screen:

1. Create a magical and luxurious wedding for you

The LED floor tile screen can create a variety of scenes such as romance, warmth, colorful dreams, etc., which can leave a deep and unforgettable memory for the newcomers and guests.

2. Application on the stage

The deductive effect of the stage is used incisively and vividly, and the perfect combination of realistic pictures and music creates a magnificent and modern scene. The super-large and clear live screen gives people an immersive audio-visual feast. It provides a more efficient means for the realization of stage exhibition creativity, is a useful supplement to the current stage display equipment, and also provides a promising market direction for LED display manufacturers.

3. Application in bars, KTV and other places

With high-density physical pixels and excellent waterproof performance, even if the wine is spilled on it, it will not affect its normal operation in the slightest.



What is the difference between LED interactive floor tile screen and interactive projection system


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