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What Is An Car Display?

There are two types of car monitors. One is a TV placed on a passenger car, which is essentially a car TV. The other is a small size car monitor with 3.5-inch, 4.3-inch, 7-inch and 9-inch. There are generally two channels of video. Input, one way can be used for car DVD, the other way is used for reversing video car camera, and some also have MP5 video playback and Bluetooth function, which can be used on the display of similar sports tools in cars, which is convenient for use in car sports.

On Board Display Screens Are Used More And More Frequently In Vehicle Navigation.
On Board Display Screens Are Used More And More Frequently In Vehicle Navigation.

Car TV is simply the mobile reception of digital TV (different from digital TV), which mainly includes set-top boxes, LCD screens, antennas, and car power supplies. In order to facilitate installation and use, various types of mobile TV products have been developed, such as desktop car TVs, baffle car TVs, top-suction car TVs, and rearview mirror displays.

Car Display
Car Display

The basic specifications of car monitors must provide anti-dust and anti-vibration functions. In terms of temperature, they must be able to withstand the high and low temperature difference of -30℃~+85℃ and 120℃, because the liquid crystal in the LCD panel will appear in a low temperature environment. The phenomenon of freezing, causing the screen to be unable to display normally, or the display ability is completely destroyed.

Features of car display:
1. High definition, undistorted color, can provide high-quality picture
2. The remote control operation is more convenient
3. The installation is simple and convenient, and does not damage the car body
4. Specially customized for car video display, with good shock resistance
5. Good image smoothness, no smear

The style of car monitor:
1. Rearview mirror display/sun visor display/car mount display Folding display
2. There are also different operations for monitor use
3. Touch screen: Generally the price is more expensive
4. Button or remote control, which is more and more cost-effective

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