What brand of led display control card is good? Recommended brand of led display control card

When we go shopping, LED displays can be seen everywhere, in large shopping malls and outside large buildings. LED displays are generally used to display various information such as text, images, videos, video signals, etc. Merchants need to use it to convey their product information to customers, through the colorful colors of LED displays, or dynamic rhythms and The main information of the product to attract customers. If you are interested, let’s learn about the LED display control card brand together.

LED display control card (domestic):

  1. Synchronous LED display control cards are ranked by industry strength:
  2. Shenzhen Lingxingyu Technology Development Co., Ltd.: mainly the LED control system to be produced – Lingxingyu full-color synchronous control card manufacturer. The advantages of Lingxingyu synchronous control card: It conquers the peers with its good stability, easy operation, quality assurance, and is specialized in the development of control systems, and has won the trust of customers. The domestic market share rate reached 58%.
  3. Shanghai Lingxin LED display control card: full color market share: 35%
  4. Beijing Zhongqing Micro LED Control Card: Market Share: 5%
  5. Beijing Colorlight control card: cost-effective.
  6. Single and double color screen LED control card (LED control card) that supports synchronous and asynchronous integration:

Chengxintong Technology faces the society with its innovative, pragmatic and responsible corporate attitude. After more than two years of hard work, we have pioneered the development of a stable, synchronizable and offline LED control card. As soon as it was launched, it was affirmed by customers.

Chengxintong LED control card-A card: 1986128 single color, double color: 993128 points. Monochrome with 250,000 dots.

Chengxintong LED control card-B card: 198664 single color, double color: 99364 points. Monochrome with 120,000 dots.

Three, asynchronous LED control system control card:

  1. Shanghai Lingxin Electronic Technology (LED control card): stable performance and simple operation.
  2. Liyan LED control card: conquer customers with its brand and stable offline performance.
  3. Beijing Shizhan Electronic Technology LED Control Card:
  4. Yangbang Technology LED Control Card
  5. Guangzhou Zhixian Technology LED Control Card
  6. Shenzhen Lumen Electronic LED Control Card
  7. David Technology (LED control card): DL series offline bar screen control card is specially designed for bar type LED screen display. DL series control card supports any font and content input by computing performance, and supports horizontal display and vertical display. There are various patterns for entering and exiting.
  8. Shanghai Yikuo focuses on the asynchronous control card in the LED display, and has become the leader in the domestic LED display control system manufacturers through unremitting pursuit and efforts. Provide the most popular asynchronous control system for the vast number of LED display end users in China.
  9. Circle Center LED Control Card: Circle Center Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of LED display control systems. It has many years of experience in the development of LED display control systems. The company is committed to introducing new technologies into the field of LED information display. Embedded control technology is today’s leading intelligent control technology. Yuanxin has successfully developed a domestic leading LED display control system based on embedded CPU, which enables offline display display. The screen has the same display effect on the computer.

The development of LED display screens has gradually entered the streets, such as door screens used in various storefronts, various indoor and outdoor square screens and other various strip screens. With the development of science and technology, the LED display industry is also developing rapidly. As the core of the LED display, the LED display control card controls the LED display to display text, graphics, animation, video, video, etc., and the market is becoming more and more broad. The LED display screen is connected to the computer through the control card, which is flexible in operation and easy to control, and is deeply loved by shopping malls and enterprises.



What brand of led display control card is good? Recommended brand of led display control card


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