What are the benefits of using LED movie screens in theaters?

The LED movie screens and image quality are good, the visual impact is strong, and people feel immersed in the scene. This is the common experience brought to us by movie viewing in the cinema. Up to now, people have regarded projection playback as the main way to watch movies.

Laser projection It has also become an important technical symbol of the theater. However, development is the last word. The projection technology, which has been in the dominant position for many years, is now facing a strong enemy, the LED display screen, which has become in jeopardy.

In March of this year, LED display giant Samsung launched a new LED movie screen specially designed for cinemas. In July, Samsung put this product into the cinema, the playback screen will no longer need to receive the projected picture, but transformed into a large 4K resolution display with bright colors, and put HDR technology into the large screen, With a resolution of 4096×2160 (Ultra-HD 4K) and a peak brightness of 146fL, it is 10 times stronger than standard projector technology.

JYLED LED movie screens
JYLED LED movie screens

It brings a new immersive cinema experience to moviegoers in cinemas. Therefore, since its release, it has won the headlines of major media around the world, and many film directors and film lovers have said that Samsung Cinema LED screens will be the future of cinema technology.

The stereotype of “it’s dark in theaters” may be shattered. The brightest colors, the deepest darkness and the cleanest pure white, here, the color is no longer troubled by distortion… In fact, not only Samsung, but also the products independently developed by many LED screen companies can have such technical effects.

For example, the well-known LED display has stable operation, wide viewing angle, convenient disassembly and assembly, and excellent display effect. Among them, the adaptive brightness adjustment function can effectively relieve visual fatigue under long-term viewing. It’s just that there is no way to enter the theater yet.

Samsung said: The company’s goal is to gain 10% of the global cinema screen market share in 2020, which is equivalent to having 20,000 displays worldwide. Although in the current cinema, projectors and screens are still the cheapest and stable projection technology. However, from the perspective of Samsung’s plan and actual actions to enter the theater, even if the market share does not meet expectations, it can have a huge impact on projection technology.

In recent years, with the development of LED display technology, LED movie screens have gradually entered the public’s field of vision. At the “Belt and Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum held recently, the organizers of the forum invited Chinese and foreign journalists to enter the Capital Cinema to experience the world’s largest LED screen movie screen.

It is reported that the screen change is a 14-meter Onyx LED movie screen provided by Samsung Electronics, which supports 4K high-definition display and HDR dynamic high-definition film source playback. The ultra-clear and bright display effect amazed the audience.

samsung LED movie display screen
samsung LED movie display screen

Although the LED movie screen looks very “tall”, and the domestic LED display industry is also the top industry in the world, it has obvious advantages in terms of product performance and cost performance, BUT, so far, the real LED display It seems that there are still only Samsung and Sony in the cinema market. The main reasons are as follows:

  1. Cost is limited

One of the most important reasons is cost. Obviously, using LED display as a movie screen must have higher requirements on the performance indicators of all aspects of the product. Few companies could afford such a huge cost.

At the same time, LED movie screens have high requirements for products, especially in terms of pixels and size. There are two common movie screen size ratios, 1:2.35 or 1:1.85, which is a prescribed size. Pixels are meant to match this size. The same is true for pixels. Cinema LED displays need to be specially customized, which limits the output of the display, and the cost advantage cannot be reflected.

  1. DCI certification

DCI – Hollywood Digital Cinema Creation and Guidance Organization, its certification is the most concerned and influential in the development of global digital cinema. For theaters, if you want to play Hollywood movies, DCI certification is essential. When LED movie screens are used in theaters, manufacturers must also pass DCI certification. This also requires LED display manufacturers to invest a lot of cost and energy.

  1. The business model of domestic screen companies

The domestic LED display industry has a decisive advantage in both technology research and development and market resources. At present, domestic LED display manufacturers have tested the water in this regard.

For Samsung, the entry into the LED movie screen is not enough to become a profit point for Samsung. Its intention is to use its achievements in the high-end display field to prove its brand influence and overall strength in the display field. Opening other product lines and market space brings a good advertising effect. The same is true of Dolby Cinema as we know it. However, domestic LED display companies are relatively lacking in this business model of “expanding influence by entering high-end public places”.

However, despite the difficulties, it is undoubtedly a good opportunity for domestic LED display manufacturers to enter the cinema. Because just like a laser light source, the popularity of LED screens in cinemas will also be a trend. Therefore, although these difficulties in development are unavoidable, but choosing to take the initiative in adversity is more opportunity!



What are the benefits of using LED movie screens in theaters?


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