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Lusail 70 square meters football field LED display

Article Summary:Two soccer field LED display at the Lusail Arena are manufactured by Shenzhen LED display manufacturer. By adapting to the local environment and scenario, high quality and excellent playback effects were created.

Lusail Stadium LED Display
Lusail Stadium LED Display

In modern football stadium, big screen on pitch is the main way for fans get important information on the pitch.

The whole LED screen is coordinated with the camera to present the exciting game to fans inside and outside stadium.

Because Qatar’s climate is different from other regions, the high temperatures and intense sunlight not only have an impact on crops, but also pose a big challenge for LED displays.

Under the influence of high temperature and strong sunlight, the soccer field LED display of more than 70 square meters are suspended 20 meters in the air,

how can be efficient and durable to complete the work? The hola-LED from Shenzhen, Guangdong Province gives the overall solution.

Chinese services to help China’s smart manufacturing

Lusail Stadium covers a total area of 190,000 square meters and can accommodate more than 80,000 spectators,

which is the largest stadium for this year’s World Cup and the venue for the final match.

Unlike the LED screens in other stadiums, which are made of reinforced concrete,

The LED screens in the Lusail stadium need to be suspended more than 20 meters in the air, which is much more difficult to construct.

And under the impact of COVID-19, not many LED display companies can complete such a difficult task.

It is reported that the LED display manufacturer is relying on the technical team set up overseas, it took nearly three months before and after the LED display in Qatar “up”.

From the technical point of view, this stadium LED display has the following highlights:

The advantage of stadium LED display

Feature 1:Thin and light

this experience field LED display is 20% lighter than the weight of similar products, providing convenient conditions for hanging.

Feature 2: high brightness

general LED display can only reach 4000 (unit nits) brightness, better can reach 6000-7000 brightness, but the suspended LED display reached 10,000 brightness,

so even in direct light can still see very clearly, and fast heat dissipation, to ensure stable operation in high temperatures.

Feature 3: high refresh rate

many LED displays are prone to moiré (commonly known as water ripples) after the camera broadcast,

and the use of high refresh rate of the National Star LED chip, can keep the broadcast is still clearly visible,

so that the audience in front of the TV can also see the screen information displayed on the large screen.

Outstanding Chinese LED display is recognized worldwide

Jackman, director of hola-LED, said that the reason why the Chinese display can get the favor of Qatar World Cup, in addition to advanced product technology,

excellent after-sales service and guarantee system is also one of the core competitiveness.

Nowadays, the application field of display equipment is more and more extensive, airports,

high-speed railway stations, conference rooms, business centers are indispensable it.

And the stadium is generally a city’s landmark building, also the city culture, the city spirit of the display carrier.

Together with the excellent technology, China LED display has been all-around covering all countries in the world.

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