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Is The Stage Suitable For Using LED Floor Tile Screen?

Before the LED floor tile screen was developed, there was a product called luminous floor tiles. The luminous LED floor tile screen could be controlled through a computer connection to realize the display of the ground rotation pattern, or with the control of the built-in single-chip microcomputer, some simple patterns could be presented.

Now, the interactive induction LED floor tile screen is different. The patterns presented by the LED floor tile screen are colorful. The LED interactive induction floor tile screen has strong interactivity and fast response. It can play various interactive video materials. The high-definition picture is the current dynamic floor screen on the ground. Premium choice.

The times are progressing, people have more requirements for full-color LED displays, and the demand is also increasing. The stage is especially important for stage beauty, so better equipment is required, which is one of the reasons for the emergence of LED floor tile displays.

The innovative led floor tile screen can design the video content in advance, and then achieve an asynchronous playback effect according to the needs of the stage. The expression effect presented is also very clear and colorful, giving people a three-dimensional sense of space, unveiling a new course of stage beauty, and it is a gluttonous feast.

LED Floor Tile Screen
LED Floor Tile Screen

Induction interaction is a new function added to the original function of the LED floor tile screen. Because the LED floor tile screen uses capacitive sensors, pressure sensors, infrared sensors, radar, and other equipment, as long as someone moves on it, the sensor can sense the person’s position and then send the trigger information to the main controller, then the main controller After a certain judgment, the corresponding display effect is made.

Let us guess what effect such a device will bring to the stage! It can be seen from the display case effect of the existing LED floor tile screen that in the specified scene, the interaction of the LED floor tile screen with people can be well expressed, making people feel as if they are in that scene.

Now that society is developing so rapidly, there are more and more performances, so even if the LED floor tile screen belongs to the mid-to-high-end stage, it does not matter. Every place is accelerating the pace of projects for such products, and the demand for the improvement of the stage, and procurement updates are increasingly important. Under such a state of development, the demand for its full-color LED display in related industries is also increasing.

Nowadays, the development of the singing market also promotes the improvement of the requirements for the stage. In order to create the best live effect for the concert and attract more audiences, it is necessary to invest a lot of money. How can there be fewer LED floor tiles at this time?

And because of the large number of viewers, concerts are generally held in gymnasiums, and the stepped seats avoid the situation that the audience cannot see the LED floor tile screen because of the large number of people.

HOLA LED has been committed to the R&D and production technology of LED interactive floor tile screens since a few years ago. At present, there are hundreds of cases in the country, including glass plank special effects screens in major scenic spots, which have been unanimously recognized by the industry.

With the continuous upgrading of display technology, large-scale display equipment is playing an increasingly important role in the stage performances and stages of various stage performances, such as musicals, new product launches, fashion shows, and wedding celebrations. The interactive LED floor tile screen has added many new creative display methods to this market and has become an indispensable hot product in this market.

In the successful use of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala stage floor, LED floor tiles have made a new breakthrough in the creative expression of the stage. Since then, floor tiles have become irreplaceable display products in floor decoration applications such as stage and bar entertainment. The floor tiles are used in combination with the main screen and color screen to create a three-dimensional dynamic reality effect for the visual effect of the stage.

LED Floor Tile Screen
LED Floor Tile Screen

With the development of technology, LED floor tile products are equipped with virtual imaging and interactive technology in application, coupled with carefully customized video sources, they have more powerful functions, and the simulating effect has been improved to a higher level.

In addition to stage performances, LED interactive floor tiles are also widely used on dance floors and stairs in entertainment venues such as bars and nightclubs, which can complement the entertainment atmosphere of these venues.

Traditional floor tile screens can also achieve similar effects by pre-designing videos, but the site of the exhibition is often full of uncertainty, and special staff is required to be responsible for the playback and adjustment of the video, which not only requires a lot of resources but also cannot achieve timely and Accurate, interactive floor tile screen can solve this problem in a targeted manner.

Different from the traditional floor tile screen, which can only play fixed videos according to a predetermined program to meet the performance of the performers, the LED interactive floor tile screen can follow the human body’s activities to present real-time picture effects according to the principle of human body induction, to realize such as the actors walking through and the feet appearing. Effects such as water ripples and blooming flowers create more beautiful light and shadow effects for performances, weddings, and other events.

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