How to install outdoor LED advertising screen? What are the precautions?

outdoor LED advertising screen: The area is generally tens of square meters to hundreds of square meters or even larger, high brightness, large viewing angle, It can work in the sun, with certain wind, rain, and waterproof functions. Mainly used in outdoor advertising, stations, squares, shopping malls, etc.

Outdoor LED displays usually appear in the form of outdoor media. Outdoor media refers to the media for advertising information set up on the roofs of major buildings and in front of commercial areas, roadsides and other outdoor venues. The main forms include road LED displays, LED electronic displays, LED full-color screens, and LED floor tile screens, Balloons, airships, carriages, large inflatable models, etc.

Attention to the use of outdoor LED display

With the continuous development of the urban construction process, outdoor LED display screens are being used more and more as a new advertising carrier for media. The outdoor LED display can indeed bring a certain improvement to the image of the city, and the form of advertising is also flexible and diverse. However, there are still some matters needing attention during the use of outdoor LED displays:

Structural design

Outdoor LED displays generally have a large area, so they are still very heavy. For the LED display installed outdoors, the homepage needs to pay attention to the structural design. The installation structure should consider: wind resistance, earthquake resistance, bearing and other main factors;

followed by the shape, structure, and exterior decoration design of the screen should be coordinated with the attached building or environment; moreover, consider the local environmental factors, such as Air humidity, air salinity content (coastal cities), etc.

light pollution

With the popularization of LED displays, the concept of “light pollution” has been introduced. So is the LED display considered “light pollution”? The international definition of light pollution is usually divided into three categories: white pollution, artificial daylight and color light pollution.

At present, my country only has relevant regulations on the glass curtain wall in the pollution of white light, and there are no relevant regulations on the artificial daylight and color light pollution. But considering that color light pollution does cause people to feel uncomfortable, it should be classified as “light pollution.”

When designing the display screen, the problem of preventing and controlling the light pollution of the display screen has been considered.

How to install outdoor led advertising screen

outdoor LED advertising screen

1. Reasonably plan the area and installation location of the display screen

According to the viewing distance and viewing angle, the surrounding environment, and the requirements of the display content, reasonably plan the display area and location. Instead of blindly pursuing a large area and a prominent location.

2. Selection and design of playback content

Large-scale giant display screens are public media, including public welfare, advertising, instruction, etc. When we choose the content to be broadcast, we must reach an agreement with the public’s requirements to avoid the mentality of refusal to watch it.

3. Multi-level gray correction technology improves color softness.

4. Installation steps of outdoor led advertising screen

LED display installation step 1: frame splicing

Assembling the outer frame of the led display screen is to splice the cut profiles together. The common profiles on the market are mainly divided into square and round shapes, but the assembly method is the same.

LED display installation step 2: fix the unit board

  • Place the unit board in the frame (pay attention to the front and back of the frame, the grooved side is the front). At this time, the position of installing the back strip must be quite accurate, or you have to reinstall it from the beginning.
  • After the back strip is fixed, the frame can be removed and the magnet can be installed.
  • After the magnet is installed, close the frame and let the magnet and the back strip attract, and the fixing of the unit board is completed.

LED display installation step 3:Connection line

connect the flat cable and the upper and lower power cables

LED display installation step 4:fixed power supply and control card

When connecting the power supply and the unit board, pay attention to the positive and negative poles. It is recommended to use SVV2*1.0 soft core wire, which is 1 square double-strand soft core wire.

LED display installation steps: control card and unit board cable connection (particularly important)

Please read carefully before connecting to understand that the screen is not fixed on the wall. This is the most critical step. You can first check whether the screen is installed correctly through the test button.



How to install outdoor LED advertising screen? What are the precautions?


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