How much is the price of a transparent LED electronic screen?

Many users will look for transparent LED electronic screen manufacturers from the Internet when they need to buy transparent LED electronic screens, but transparent electronic screens are project products. Many users will directly ask when they come up without knowing the characteristics of the product. How much is the price of LED electronic screens per square meter?

This is actually an unprofessional question, so many manufacturers have no way to give an accurate quotation, only a reference price. The detailed quotation plan of the transparent LED electronic screen needs to choose a suitable model according to the installation situation and the size of the area on the spot. Below, kala, senior sales manager of HOLA-LED, will popularize the parameters that need to be understood for quotation and the approximate price of one square of transparent LED electronic screen for the majority of users.

Transparent LED Display products

Before the quotation, the customer should provide some detailed parameters as much as possible: such as the size of the installation site, the purpose of the installation and the display requirements, etc., before we can get a detailed quotation. Here we take the common model P3.91 for a price reference. The price of P3.91 transparent screen with high brightness is generally 7500 RMB per square meter, and the price of medium and low brightness is generally around 5800-6800 RMB per square meter;

The above price is only the quotation of the screen body and does not include other configuration (computer, video processor, etc.) labor. It is best to contact the sales staff for the specific quotation plan and confirm it in time. Because the current material price is not a problem, the quotation will fluctuate greatly according to the increase of the material. The price of this month, next month, or even next week may be different.

Some customers will find local distributors to do transparent LED electronic screen projects. The first idea of ​​such customers is that after-sales maintenance is more convenient than those of other manufacturers. In fact, most local dealers do not have their own maintenance personnel, the main reason is that the cost is too high, and secondly, as a dealer, the price does not have any advantage for transparent LED electronic screen manufacturers.

Nowadays, the distance is not a problem at all. Most of the transparent LED electronic screen manufacturers are in Shenzhen, China. When the customer chooses the transparent screen manufacturer to purchase, the transparent screen manufacturer will send out a certain number of spare modules for minor problems. It can be replaced in time, and the replaced module will be sent back to the manufacturer by courier, and sent back after repair.

In terms of installation and maintenance, we generally provide 1-2 engineers and technicians onsite for installation and commissioning. After all the work is completed, the operators will be trained, so that customers can better operate the LED transparent screen display. If there is a problem during the use of the transparent LED electronic screen, an engineer will be arranged to troubleshoot and solve the problem remotely in a short time. If the remote cannot be resolved, a technician will be arranged for on-site repair.



How much is the price of a transparent LED electronic screen?


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