3DLED display

Now, a “3DLED display immersion” experience boom is spreading around the world, where the LED display is also followed by the trend. With the rapid development of digital multimedia, high-tech digital interaction creative exhibition is increasingly used in the exhibition hall, and the “immersive” exhibition hall immersed by LED, with its gorgeous display effect and all-round sense experience. One degree becomes “new pet”.

3DLED display immersion
3DLED display immersion

The LED display has become a major display plan for building a 3DLED display immersion scenario in its large screen and HD, which is also very popular in the exhibition hall, exhibition hall. The exhibition hall is clearly understood in the most appropriate way in the premise of attracting the flow of eyeballs. In addition to physical display, it will involve other exhibition methods such as animation, video, pictures, and the display devices in the exhibition hall are particularly important. Small spacing LED display is favored by exhibition halls in the exhibition area, government agencies, museums, exhibition centers, and enterprises.

HD high brush, create realistic scene

For immersive immersive space, the short-range picture resolution must be high enough! Small spacing LED display screen refresh rate ≥ 3840 Hz, the display screen is calm, highlight the unique charm of “immersive” space.

LED floor tile screen
LED floor tile screen

Broad-changing style shows creative visual

LED large display module, any stitching can be assembled in a display, strip screen, planar screen, curved screen, multi-face screen, shaped screen, etc. In this way, more creative, more fun, more features of immersive scene visual visual.

Small spacing LED display
Small spacing LED display

Seamlessly connected, smooth as mirror

Small spacing LED display, full screen module consistency, so that the big screen is flat. The screen displayed by different modules can achieve perfect connection, natural and smooth, not destroyed. The surface is flat, uniform ink, and can achieve seamless splicing, the picture is naturally smooth, easy to create an immersive space beauty, further enhance the user’s visual experience.

3DLED display immersion
3DLED display immersion

Develop new technologies and unlock new experiences

The LED display creates an immersive experience solution and develops in a more diversified direction. With the technological achievements of 5G, AI, VR, touch, etc., the audience’s inherent impression of immersive experience will be broken, and it will develop in a more diverse and interactive direction. More and more new technologies are applied to LED displays, opening a new process of immersive experience.

With the transformation of display technology in the future, the continuous change of market demand, the acceleration of digitalization and intelligentization, the blue ocean of commercial application of LED display is also more magnificent. Under the development trend of continuous innovation of LED display technology, its application scenarios are expanding infinitely. In the field of immersive experience display, LED display shows certain feasibility and good application prospects, let us wait and see.



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