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winter olympics led display

On February 20, the closing ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will be held in the National Stadium.

At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Ice Cube, Ice Waterfall, Ice Crystal Five Rings and the giant “snowflake”-shaped main torch stage amazed the world. Behind it is the continuous innovation and progress of display technology, especially the LED display technology. . LED display is not only the “hero” behind the scenes to light up and dress up the Winter Olympics, but also become the “witness” of the successful holding of the “Double Olympics” in Beijing and the leap-forward development of the display industry.

Olympic LED Ground Screen
Olympic LED Ground Screen

LED display turns “imaginary” into reality

The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics held at the National Stadium “Bird’s Nest” 16 days ago is still fresh in our memory. Whether it is the ground screen, ice cube, ice waterfall, north and south stand screens, or the ice crystal five rings and the giant “snowflake”-shaped main torch stage on the stage of the opening ceremony, there are LED displays. These LED display technologies and products come from a number of Chinese display companies including Leyard, BOE, Unilumin, and Ledman.

LED Ground Screen
LED Ground Screen

The reporter learned that the total area of ​​the LED floor screen in the opening ceremony stage exceeds 10,000 square meters. It is currently the world’s largest LED ground stage and the largest 8K ultra-high-definition ground display system. Compared with the ground screen picture of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, the LED ground screen of this Winter Olympics has two improvements: First, the resolution of the LED display has been greatly improved, and the pixel pitch of the LED screen has been shortened from 20mm to 5mm. Second, the protection level of the LED display has been greatly improved, and each LED module can withstand the test of rain, snow, scorching sun, wind and sand, and severe cold.

Liu Haiyi, general manager of the Winter Olympics project of Leyard Group, told the reporter of China Electronics News that the floor screen is a special LED display system specially customized for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.

Compared with the technology in 2008, the LED display screen and its components provided by Leyard for the opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympics all meet the IP66 protection standard, which can completely prevent the intrusion of foreign objects, and the amount of water entering the electrical appliance when it is subjected to strong water spray is not enough. can have harmful effects.

In addition, the LED floor screen display panel is also equipped with anti-glare, anti-moiré and anti-skid fogging masks, the display screen is soft, and the pure video display screen without clutter and interference at all focal lengths is provided for the video broadcast.

“The giant ‘picture scroll’ at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games was an LED screen. At that time, Zhang Yimou’s team had a heated debate about whether to use an LED display or not, because the LED display technology at that time was not mature enough, and the screen often flickered, The black screen situation.

The director team of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics can already use LED light display technology with confidence.” Yuan Daoren, vice president of sales and service of Unilumin Group, said in an interview with a reporter from China Electronics News.

Daoren told reporters that the Beijing Winter Olympics is a global event, and the LED floor screen needs to be extremely reliable and stable. Unilumin conducts production and stocking in accordance with aerospace standards, and achieves dual power supply, dual lights and dual screen backup for LED ground screens. Generally speaking, each LED module is actually composed of two screens, A and B, and A screen + B screen constitute a complete screen, that is, a dual-screen system.

Assuming that there is a problem with one way, the other way is immediately topped to ensure that the performance is foolproof. In the end, we successfully completed the design of dual-lamp dual-screen backup according to the requirements, and applied for a design patent for dual-lamp and dual-screen design.

The crystal clear ice five-ring is 19 meters long, 8.75 meters high, but only 35 cm thick. Its interior is composed of a 360° LED special-shaped screen without dead ends, which can display any screen and set aside the maximum amount for the director team of the opening ceremony. creative space. Ledman Optoelectronics and its subsidiary Kangshuozhan participated in the design, development and manufacture of special-shaped LED displays at the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, including the important stage props at the opening ceremony, the LED ice crystal five-ring display.

The person in charge of Ledman Optoelectronics Technology told the reporter of China Electronics News that the creative design of LED ice crystal five-ring dance beauty is the world’s first, and there is no similar design as a reference. The overall effect of the LED display is beautiful, prudent, and distinctive in style, with rich image layers and uniform colors.

A notable technical feature of Ice Crystal Five Rings is the use of hollow light panel design, which not only reduces the overall weight of the LED display, but also provides a solid foundation for light panel installation, diffuser panel installation and heat dissipation. The total weight of the LED display Only 700kg.

The “snowflake”-shaped main torch platform was another highlight that received special attention during the Winter Olympics, and LED displays were also used. The main torch platform is 14.89 meters in diameter, and is composed of 96 small snowflakes and 6 olive branch-shaped LED double-sided screens. It adopts a double-sided hollow design and is embedded with more than 550,000 LED lamp beads. A single channel of the driver chip is independently controlled.

The reporter learned that the main torch platform in the form of “snowflake”, whether it is the overall hardware support or software system, is independently developed and designed by BOE Group. In order to meet the director’s requirements for the torch stage and meet the creative concept of “sparkling like a diamond”, BOE’s core R&D team has developed the narrowest luminous surface in the industry through more than 500 design drawings and nearly 10 rounds of sample making. The single-pixel controllable special-shaped display product fully presents the line sense of snowflakes and the delicate picture display effect, and successfully turns the artistic creativity of the director team into reality.

Olympic Games to promote the leap-forward development of LED industry

It is understood that LED applications began in the late 1980s, but the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games really played a role in promoting the development of the entire LED display industry.

Liu Haiyi told reporters that the original LED display mostly serves some large-scale public facilities or specific industries such as the transportation field used for passenger flow guidance in airports and railway stations. Since the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, the entire LED industry has taken a step forward, and LED has begun to attract attention in the world. In the end, LED will once again amaze the world at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Led Display Technology
Led Display Technology

“Participating in the Guangxian service for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, we successfully fought a tough battle!” Yuan Daoren told the reporter of “China Electronics News” that Unilumin received the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics in early July 2021. The production task of the floor tile screen is tight and the task is heavy. The key is that there should be no problems.

Yuan Daoren said that since receiving the task, the company has established a project team within the company, from product research and development, production, material support to logistics services, various departments cooperate and cooperate closely, and it took only 45 days to complete production and delivery.

“The successful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics has indeed attracted worldwide attention and far exceeded expectations. For Leyard Group, the industry has praised us as a ‘Double Olympics Enterprise’, and I am particularly honored to be a ‘Double Olympics’ Because of the display of the giant picture scroll of the 2008 Olympic Games and the rise of the five fantastic rings, I personally watched it on the spot. From 2008 to 2022, I really feel extremely proud and beautiful!” Liu Haiyi told reporters .

“Under the promotion and catalysis of the Winter Olympics, the display industry is ushering in an unprecedented golden development period.” The person in charge of Ledman Optoelectronics Technology told the reporter of “China Electronics News” that in recent years, my country’s display companies have completed domestic and foreign display companies.

Including display support projects for major events such as the African Cup, Brazil World Cup, and Sochi Winter Olympics, these cases have enhanced the brand awareness of domestic display products in the international market, and also reflected the comprehensive strength and professional capabilities of domestic display companies from the side. Widely recognized in the international market.

The software and hardware facilities used in the top domestic activities and events can basically be nationalized, and my country’s technology and equipment are at the leading level.

It is understood that with the continuous strengthening of technological innovation of domestic display companies, my country has made breakthroughs in technologies such as Micro LED and ultra-high-definition display, and the technical level is basically synchronized with that of the international market, and new products are constantly coming out.

“China’s LED display industry is standing at the forefront of Micro LED ultra-high-definition display, especially 8K ultra-high-definition display. In the future, Chinese enterprises need to pay attention to the cultivation of their own brands, market innovation and other aspects while attaching importance to the breakthrough of core technologies. At the same time of development, it is necessary to strengthen industrial cooperation and cross-industry cooperation, and take the road of comprehensive and multi-dimensional development.

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