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How Should I Choose? Which One Is Better, P2.604, P2.976, P3.91, P4.81?

For most of us, LED displays are not unfamiliar, because it has appeared in all aspects of us. Whether it is on the street, shopping malls or even some people’s TVs are made of LEDs.

However, even though we know that the LED display has many uses, we cannot just buy a satisfactory LED display for commercial promotion or personal use.

This may not be a very complicated reason, or it may be just some simple problems that are enough to trouble us, such as how much area to use and how much display screen should be used, and how to choose a display screen with many batch numbers. These seem simple, but A set of knowledge systems that are very complicated to study in depth, here we only pick a few commonly used ones.

Like the LED display, the most important technical unit is the pixel pitch of the LED display. This unit simply determines the manufacturer’s measurements and allows buyers to determine the resolution and image quality of the monitor they buy. In a nutshell, pixel pitch helps you consider options like display size, viewing distance, resolution, and cost of an LED display.

LED Module
LED Module

Now, in order to make it easier for you to understand, we have specially selected several common pixel displays in the market, such as p2.604 led display, p2.976 led display, p3.91 led display, p4.81 led display.

What is pixel pitch?

Pixel pitch is a very important aspect of LED panels as it determines the optimum viewing distance for the display. Simply put, a pixel or pixel pitch is the distance covered from the center of an LED light or package to the center of the next LED cluster or package. This distance is measured in millimeters and can be measured below, next to, or above the next LED package.

Therefore, the p2.604 LED display actually refers to the distance between the LED lights in the LED module and the adjacent LED lights as 2.604mm, and the p3.91 LED display actually refers to the LED lights in the LED module and the adjacent LEDs. The distance between the lights is 3.91mm, and so on.

Now, to understand in more detail what pixel pitch is and how it plays a role in the performance of LED displays, let’s discuss some of the key aspects below.

We have briefly mentioned above that these LED packages are mounted on a backplane or circuit board called an LED module. Their role is to enhance or reduce the viewing distance of the LED display. Furthermore, this viewing distance determines whether an LED module consisting of a specific pixel pitch can only be used indoors or even outdoors.

LED Module Details
LED Module Details

Now, when determining the viewing distance of an LED module, the basic rule is to end up with a small pixel pitch for a closer viewing distance. On the other hand, a higher pixel pitch is determined to have a larger viewing distance.

However, this is of course not the whole story of pixel pitch, as these LED packages mounted in modules also determine the cost of LED displays. Since these LED packages simply improve the quality and performance of the LED display, there is no doubt that they account for most of the manufacturing cost. It just means that the more LED packages you need, the higher the cost.

Different pixel pitches and their characteristics:

But wait! It’s certainly not all pixel spacing. This is because in addition to viewing distance and cost, cost increases or decreases depending on the number of LED packages present in an LED display module; different pixel pitches, their size and viewing distance; everything matters here. So let’s discuss them below.

p2.604 display:

This pixel pitch has a viewing distance of 2-6 meters, but the optimal viewing distance is 2 meters. So if you are going to invest in a p2.604 LED screen, it must be installed where people can view it from a distance of 2-6 meters.

p2.976 display:

This pixel pitch has a viewing distance of 3-8m, but the best viewing distance is 3m. So if you are going to invest in a p2.976 LED screen, you have to install it where people can view it from a distance of 3-8 meters.

p3.91 display:

This pixel pitch has a viewing distance of 3-11m, but the best viewing distance is 4 meters. So if you are going to invest in a p3.91 LED screen, it must be installed where people can view it from a distance of 3-11 meters.

p4.81 display:

This pixel pitch has an optimal viewing distance of 5m. Therefore, like we mentioned in the previous pixel pitch, the p4.81 LED screen should be installed where people can view it at a distance of 5m or more (not less than this).

Reminder: Due to the relatively small pixel pitch (such as p2.604), it is generally used indoors. Therefore, if there is a clear requirement for outdoor use, the LED manufacturer should be informed in advance. Otherwise, the use of indoor screens outdoors can easily lead to certain problems. Security risks.

How should I choose? Which one is better, p2.604, p2.976, p3.91, p4.81?

With all of the above discussion, it’s clear that anyone can stop and think about what’s the better or best pixel choice here, right? Well, as long as you look at the LED display at the right distance according to the pixel pitch of the LED display; all of them have the same quality display resolution. However, determining the indoor or outdoor use of an LED display mainly depends on the cabinet size of the display.

Beyond that, if our LED displays need to be installed at a larger scale or distance from the audience, you’ll probably just invest more in a lower pixel pitch. In short, the lower viewing distance is only for those who are looking for indoor and personal LED display use.

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