Why the World Cup and gymnasium LED display become the best partner?

gymnasium LED display have been used in the World Cup and the entire sports world for a long time.

Looking back at the development of LED displays, as early as in the 43rd World Table Tennis Championships held in 1995, China used a 1,000-square-meter Giant domestic color LED screen.

Since then, with the continuous upgrading of LED technology and the continuous renovation and updating of sports venues,

more and more LED display screens have been used in the sports industry.

Today, the stadiums of the World Cup have replaced traditional light bulbs and CRT displays with LED displays, becoming an indispensable facility for stadiums,

and the displayed content has gradually changed from previous numbers to text, pictures, and videos, adding liveliness to the event.

Atmosphere, allowing fans to watch the details of the event, while creating advertising revenue for stadiums or event operators.

Gymnasium LED display
Gymnasium LED display

Its powerful performance widely used in various venues

The reason why the LED display can cover all the display equipment in the stadium is mainly due to the strong performance of the LED display.

Specifically, the LED display is divided into two categories from the functional purpose:

The first is to show slow-motion and close-up replays of sports events and live advertisements through the replay function.

fan interaction, 3D animation review of key judgments of the game, and play commercial advertisements between games, etc.

Another function of timing and scoring, connected with the competition timing and scoring system, can play the competition results and relevant information of the competitors.

As time progresses, in order to further enhance the value of sports events, the sports market has put forward higher and higher performance and functional requirements for LED displays.

Various LED display companies also continue to launch new products, apply the latest technology,

meet various needs in a timely manner, and make sports events more exciting.

For example: the fence LED advertising screen used in the World Cup not only has an ultra-high refresh rate of 7680Hz,

HDR high dynamic range imaging, colorful pictures, and can clearly display sponsor content;

the product adopts dual backup, strong stability; silicone flexible protective cover It can effectively resist the collision of players or props.

JYLED & Hola-LED create a new generation of products

JYLED‘s newly developed SP stadium screen fence series, SR stadium ring screen series, scoring LED screen, etc., have the characteristics of high refresh, high contrast, high frame frequency, low reflection, etc., and meet the performance requirements of sports event broadcasting for display equipment.

Gymnasium LED display
Gymnasium LED display

And hola-led has launched the latest LED display screen for sports stadiums, which has excellent display and high stability,

and can meet various requirements of customers on product parameters, materials, transportation, and safety.

With the help of LED display, let us experience the whole process of sports games and wonderful moments;

the slow-motion playback maintains the justice of the game penalty;

the commercial advertisement broadcast adds to the game scene and creates more value for the game;

At the scene of numerous fan interaction content presented, let the game atmosphere towards the climax.

The emergence of LED display screens adds more elements of visualization,

entertainment and commercialization to the already exciting sports events,

further enhances the public’s attention to sports activities, and becomes the best partner in the sports industry.


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