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Why Is Transparent LED Display Easy To Attract Eyeballs?

With the increasing popularity of transparent LED display screens, bright new landmarks have appeared all over the world. These uniquely designed and dazzling landmark buildings not only increase the commercial atmosphere of the city, but also become a place for many citizens and tourists to travel.

City landmarks are generally built on the basis of the glass curtain wall, and equipped with the corresponding transparent LED display, the unique landmark and the unfamiliar display will become the new business card of the city.

In the current economic and social development of the night tour market, the landmark light show has become an artifact that focuses on popularity. Especially for the dazzling landmark light show of some Chinese cities and commercial service centers, it can instantly attract more people to stop and watch, and increase the cause of people’s attention. Consumer demand desire.

Transparent LED Display
Transparent LED Display

Since the transparency of the transparent LED screen is more than 85% compared with the thick structure mode of the traditional display screen, it is installed on the glass curtain wall of the building to provide large-area lighting and concealment effects, so the transparent LED display screen is more eye-catching Nowadays, many cities have abandoned traditional lighting and display and changed to use transparent LED display. What are the benefits of transparent LED display for cities?

1. City positioning, the design requirements of urban landmarks must conform to the cultural elements of the city and also contain the positioning of the city. The landmark buildings and the surrounding landscape should be brightened and integrated together to reflect the intention of the city, but we are transparent in our artistic techniques.

The lighting effect of the display should be more prominent than the surrounding buildings. Moreover, the transparent LED display can break through the rectangular or square shape of the traditional LED display, and there are more creativity in the shape, whether it is a circle, a heart, a diamond, or a triangle, it can be easily controlled.

2. Artistic beauty, the transparent LED display light show can realize the combination of dots and lines, dynamic and static, cold and warm, far and near, light and dark, using various artistic techniques to achieve extraordinary lighting effects to make landmark buildings more dazzling in the light environment.

3. Personalized development and customization. Everyone has different cultural characteristics for the city, and they need to pay attention to the personalized lighting design of landmark buildings. Through a local colored light, create a dazzling lighting effect, and optimize the teaching design of the special structure with distinct primary and secondary. Satisfy the lighting effects, but also leave people with a deep impression of our learning.

The transparent LED display turns the traditional glass wall display into a huge media screen. Without affecting the aesthetics of the building itself, the screen and the glass curtain wall structure are perfectly combined and distinctive.

They are very eye-catching in many advertising media tools, increasing the visibility and gathering the crowd to help create a new landmark of urban fashion.

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