Why is the price of the same LED floor tile screen high and low?

Nowadays, LED floor tile screens have been widely used, and we can see them in many scenes, such as tourist attractions, aquariums, video game cities and so on. Some customers want to make an LED floor tile screen by themselves, but after asking a lot of manufacturers, they found that the price of LED floor tile screens is high and some are even ridiculously high. So, what is the reason for this? As a manufacturer of LED floor tiles, we have the most say. Let’s talk about the truth here. In the future, we can also more accurately select products that suit ourselves.

What kind of LED display prices are available on the market now, the key question is whether you can buy high-quality display products. At present, there are many LED display manufacturers, and each company’s raw material procurement, equipment, and technology are not the same. Therefore, each LED display manufacturer has a different positioning of the display quality, which is also one of the factors that cause the price to be different. . In addition, there are the following points:

  1. Antistatic
    LED is driven by low voltage, so it is more sensitive to high voltage and antistatic ability. Naturally, the price of an antistatic LED is relatively high.
  2. Brightness
    LED is a material that directly converts electrical energy into light energy. The luminous efficiency determines the value of the LED itself. In addition, the larger the LED chip size, the higher the brightness, and the higher the brightness, the more expensive the price.
  3. Wavelength
    After the LED emits light, a waveband will be generated, and the shortest distance to the longest distance of the waveband will be divided into different wavelengths. The display screen has strict requirements on the wavelength of the LED lamp. The display with the same wavelength will show the better effect. If the wavelength is inconsistent or the deviation is too large, the LED display will have a different sense of color when viewed from the side.
  4. Leakage current
    LED is a unidirectional conductive light-emitting conductor. When the circuit board is designed, the requirement for the reverse current of the circuit board is very strict. If there is a reverse current, the life of the LED will be shortened.
  5. LED light-emitting angle
    The LED light-emitting angle will directly affect the brightness and consistency of the display. The concept of consistency is that when viewing the display from any angle, the displayed colors are the same. If the angles are inconsistent, there will be color differences.
  6. LED life
    The life of the LED is determined by the LED chip, LED bracket, LED gold wire and LED packaging structure. The key factor of LED life is the degree of LED attenuation under working conditions. The faster the decay, the shorter the life span.
  7. LED chip
    In the market, there are many brands of LED chips, including CREE in the United States, Nichia in Japan, and Taiwan. Now there are chip manufacturers in the mainland. Different chips have different stability, brightness, and lifespan.
  8. Chip size
    The chip has different sizes, and the chip size is defined by the side length. The larger the size, the better the performance, and the higher the natural price.
  9. Epoxy resin colloid
    After the LED is packaged, it becomes a finished product, and the conventional plug-in LED chip will become a finished product after being solidified, wire-bonded, glued, and epoxy resin encapsulated and cooled. Epoxy resin is a transparent solid, and the price of a colloid with anti-ultraviolet and fire-resistant properties is high.



Why is the price of the same LED floor tile screen high and low?


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