Why are more and more shopping malls installing outdoor advertising LED displays?

With the continuous development and progress of technology, the traditional outdoor advertising mode has been replaced by outdoor advertising LED displays. This is because people’s requirements for outdoor advertising media will be higher and higher, and the traditional outdoor advertising mode has been difficult to satisfy the public The competition in the outdoor advertising market will also become more intense.

An outdoor LED advertising display installed alongside the street
An outdoor LED advertising display installed alongside the street

Because of this, playing outdoor LED advertisements and large-screen advertisements through LED displays in commercial areas has become the first choice for many large shopping malls. This method has largely changed our stereotypes of traditional media advertisements, Established a high-quality brand image.

Below we analyze the value brought by outdoor LED advertising display from the following angles.

  1. Demonstrate the value of “high-end” brands

It can be seen from the data that in the eyes of the audience, LED display advertisements have entered people’s field of vision like a light box. LED display is still very attractive to the audience, especially with the addition of interactive technology, the form and content of LED outdoor advertising are more colorful, thus prompting the LED display outdoor advertising industry to gradually reach a climax. High-end brand image; Various high-end brands enter the market, such as: automobiles, cosmetics, clothing, beverages, etc.

  1. Zero-distance coverage of the target commercial area

In addition to realizing human-computer interaction, there are many other technologies that can be used for outdoor LED advertising ideas. For example, before that, Coca-Cola created the first and largest LED 3D mechanical signage in Times Square, New York, USA, which not only demonstrated LED display technology, but also endowed it with unique brand charm.

With the advancement of technology, the current outdoor small-pitch LED and transparent displays have also begun to join the field of outdoor advertising display. This breakthrough in the field of fixed application of products has also brought more freshness to the outdoor advertising market.

  1. Gathering of target groups

Online advertising has the characteristics of dissemination, punctuality and decentralization, but the media dissemination is too scattered and the media resources are abundant, so that the dissemination of information cannot be concentrated. Outdoor advertising, especially LED giant advertising with excellent visual effects will become a trend.

  1. Strong visual impact

The large outdoor LED advertising screen has the characteristics of large size, dynamics, sound and picture integration, which can directly let the audience feel in all directions, so as to effectively convey information and guide consumption. People are faced with various forms of advertising. Due to limited storage space and unlimited information dissemination, the attractiveness of large outdoor advertising screens has gradually become a scarce resource.

  1. The audience’s dislike rate is very low

The large outdoor LED advertising screen can broadcast programs to more audiences in real time and in a timely manner through live broadcast technology. The content includes themes, columns, variety shows, animations, radio dramas, TV shows, etc. Rich in content, it avoids the reach barriers caused by conscious and active avoidance of advertising audiences. Studies have shown that the dislike rate of outdoor LED advertisements on large screens is much lower than that of TV advertisements.

  1. High coverage

Outdoor LED large-screen advertisements are usually located in high-end commercial areas and transportation hubs with high traffic density. Outdoor LED large-screen advertisements deepen the impression and stimulate the desire to consume and buy through high-frequency broadcasting.

The purpose of advertisers to place outdoor LED large screen advertisements is actually very simple: the role of outdoor LED large screen advertisements is mainly to inform, guide and increase the credibility and trust of the audience. Outdoor LED large screen advertising is different from online advertising, and each type of advertising has its own advantages.

The purchase behavior of potential consumers from awareness of the brand is a psychological process at different levels, and different types of advertisements will play different catalytic roles at each stage.

To sum up, it can be seen that, driven by technology and trends, outdoor LED large-screen advertising displays are influencing and changing our lives step by step.

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