Which LED displays are usually used in bars?

LED is light emitting diode, the English abbreviation for light emitting diode, so LED display is actually a dynamic display by manipulating semiconductor light emitting diodes. It is composed of densely packed light emitting diodes and displays characters by controlling the on and off of LED lights.

The LED display screen can display various information such as text, graphics, images, animation, market quotation, video, video signal and so on. Therefore, LED display screens can replace other display devices in many scenarios. For example, the LCD display screens commonly used in bars in the past have been gradually replaced by LED display screens.

At present, the bar LED display is in a stage of rapid development and the rise of talent. The LED display market is currently showing great changes. In addition to the traditional information display and other functions, the regulations on appearance design are also being further improved. In order to make it more adaptable, the overall structure and application regulations have made some special-shaped LED display screens unique to bars.

The bar LED special-shaped screen is a unique LED display that is basically updated and transformed into the LED display, so that the characteristics of the new product can better adapt to the overall structure and environment of the building. Its size and specifications can be customized according to regulations. Compared with the basic LED display, the LED special-shaped display pays more attention to the improvement of the structure. It is generally placed on top of DJ dancers to set off the atmosphere.

In addition to the LED special-shaped screen next to the DJ dancers, there are actually many applications to the LED display, but we haven’t noticed it. Let’s take a look below.

Bar home screen

The main screen display in the center of the bar, such as live broadcast on the central stage screen, DJ video playback, etc., uses a conventional LED display. Its models include P2.6, P3.91, P4.81, P6.25 and other products. , The module size is 250mm*250mm, the box size is 500mm*500mm, and can be made into arc audit, splicing any arc from -15° to 15°. As for the choice of model, you need to choose according to the size of the bar, the size of the stage, and so on.

Secondary screens or suspended ceiling screens on both sides of the bar

If it is to set off the main screen, or to render the background, generally use a screen with a larger spacing, so the cost will be lower. Common models are P6, P8, P10, etc., and the module size is 250mm*50mm. The body size is 1000mm*500mm.

Bar floor

There are some more expensive bars, and the floor is covered with LED displays. Such LED displays are different from ordinary displays. They are LED displays that can be stepped on, so their load-bearing capacity and anti-attack ability are very good. Strong. This kind of LED display screen that can be stepped on is usually called LED floor tile screen, LED film screen and so on. This type of LED floor tile screen generally uses P4.81 modules, the module size is 250mm*250mm, and the box size is 500mm*500mm

The above is the introduction of “Which LED displays are usually used in bars”. The bar LED display industry has developed rapidly, and a new development trend stage has also emerged. With the gradual development of LED displays, we will see LED displays in more fields in the future.



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