Which is better LED or LCD?

Many people worry about choosing LCD or LED screen TV when buying a TV. So what are the characteristics of their two TVs? Next, I will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of LCD and LED TVs. You can compare and buy them for you to compare and use when you actually buy them.

  1. LED TV:

First of all, I would like to introduce LED TV. LED TV uses liquid crystal material of LCD screen, and LED is used for backlight source. It has better energy-saving effect and better color richness. This can make the body thinner. Compared with ordinary LCD TVs, LED screen TVs have a very large effect on the improvement of brightness and color. Because it uses three primary colors of LED red and white light, it can simulate the sun’s light very well, and it can appear very natural color on the irradiated object. The service life of LED TV is very long, and its technical life can reach 10 More than 10,000 hours, that is to say, it can be used for about 30 years.

led tv
led tv

2, LCD TV:

Next, I will introduce you to LCD TVs. LCD TVs refer to TVs with liquid crystal panels. In addition to saving electricity, their picture tubes are structurally an eye crystal placed between two parallel glasses. There will be very small wires in the middle of the glass, and the direction of the crystal fingers will be controlled by energizing, thereby producing a picture. Generally speaking, the backlight of LCD TVs is relatively invisible, and there will also be uneven black, and the contrast ratio It’s not very good, so it will show a very false phenomenon for the display of dynamic pictures.

3, the advantages of LED TV and LCD TV:

For LED TVs, it is first of all ultra-thin in appearance, and later, it is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and there are no toxic substances inside, but the brightness, brightness, and color reproduction of LED TVs are relatively close to reality, so they can give people a very good visual experience. For traditional LED screen TVs, its price is relatively cheap, so the price-performance ratio is relatively high. After years of technical tempering, its technology is quite mature. As far as its interior is concerned, the body is very thick. , and its power consumption is relatively large, and there is a certain toxic substance mercury inside, which is also one of the reasons why it is abandoned by people.

The difference and characteristics of LCD TV and LED TV are introduced here. You can comprehensively compare their differences and characteristics, and see what kind of TV you need. You should also buy it according to your actual economic situation. Hope The above introduction can help you in your life.



Which is better LED or LCD?


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