Which company is best for LEDs?

Buying things and choosing brand products is not only safer to use, but also does not need to worry about after-sales problems. Because brand manufacturers do a good job in pre-sales and after-sales, this is why the price is more expensive, and everyone will give priority to Reasons for choosing to buy branded products.

So, do you know what well-known brands are in the LED display? If you don’t know, let’s take a look, maybe there are LED display brands you are familiar with.

Top 10 LED display companies in 2022 (in no particular order)

  • Liard
  • Shanghai Sansi
  • Lianjian Optoelectronics
  • Alto
  • Loop
  • Unilumin Technology
  • Absen
  • Ledman Optoelectronics

Of course, the information published above is based on the company’s public statements and the opinions of some experts. It is no exaggeration to say that its accuracy is very high. In addition, we also learned from media information channels LED display will be a market plan in the next ten years.

Lianjian Optoelectronics

Lianjian Optoelectronics
Lianjian Optoelectronics

(1) In 2018, the digital equipment sector will focus on implementing three major strategic plans while realizing the collaborative sharing of resources of subsidiaries within the sector in R&D, production, sales, management and other links:

The first is to strengthen product research and development capabilities, continuously explore new technologies that can be combined with LED displays, increase technological innovation and product innovation, and vigorously promote breakthroughs in visual solution capabilities. The scale of production will further increase the domestic market share.

The second is to establish a domestic offline channel sales model, build a channel sales division, and implement a sales evaluation at the end of the year, and give special incentives and allowances to the teams and individuals with the highest sales.

The third is to deploy overseas market sales and service points, open up domestic and foreign service links, establish a number of overseas branches and offices, and improve localized services, so as to achieve a breakthrough in channel sales throughout the year.

(2) Subsidiaries in the digital marketing segment continued to complement each other in terms of business and superior capabilities to achieve cross-selling and repeated development of customer groups.

The first is to expand more high-quality online media resources, such as reaching strategic cooperation with Tencent social advertising, etc., using the powerful marketing service team of Lima, Accurate Focus and a large number of customer resources in the digital marketing sector to expand market share and sales scale.

The second is to gradually build a big data intelligent marketing platform through network collaboration and data accumulation. In 2018, the first phase of work has been completed, including accumulating its own data, developing an outdoor advertising platform, and completing online media delivery through the outdoor advertising platform. . By 2020, 75% of the second phase has been completed.

(3) In the digital outdoor sector, on the one hand, the original outdoor advertising business of each subsidiary has realized the networking, labeling and dataization of existing outdoor media resources through technological and business model innovation, and actively expanded high-speed rail, shopping malls and scenic spots. and other media resources for consumption scenarios.

On the other hand, outdoor subsidiaries are actively extending from offline to online, taking advantage of the opportunity of cooperation between the Group and Tencent social advertising and other high-quality online media to increase Internet advertising business on the basis of traditional outdoor big-name large-screen advertising, providing customers with online advertising services. Online and offline integrated marketing services.

Alto Electronics


On the basis of continuation of last year’s sales strategy, the company has increased the strategic synergy of each business unit of LED application, which has effectively improved the conversion rate of internal resources, thereby better enhancing the overall profitability of the business segment. The company actively adopts a large-scale marketing strategy, focuses on strengthening the construction of overseas marketing service platforms, and recruits excellent marketing service talents.

At the same time, upgrade the company’s high-density LED display products, relying on its own advantages in the LED display control system, increase the expansion of the outdoor high-density LED product market, and increase market share.



Upgrading small-pitch products, vowing to replace the commercial market position of projection and LCD wall, and to explore the personal consumption market, such as the cinema market and the large TV home market. Aiming at the new forms of cultural and cultural tourism that are vacant in China, such as the transformation of old city cultural tourism, the improvement of scenic spots and entertainment, cultural performance experience, cultural business tourism complex, etc., Leyard earned them all and won them all, making it a national science and technology city and a low-carbon environmental protection Contribute to the creation of the direction.



Accelerate the scale expansion of the hotel operation business, plan to promote the form of cooperation, and form an integrated closed-loop operation of cooperation.

Yuanheng Optoelectronics

The company will pay close attention to the global macroeconomic situation and corresponding policy changes, so as to adjust promotion and marketing strategies at any time, relax domestic sales channels, change from the initial one-to-one coordination method to a one-to-many situation, and expand the domestic market The possible risks are reduced to a minimum.

In addition to foreign markets, the company will continue to innovate in response to domestic market demands. Keep improving in technology, win with technology and win with product quality. Use better products and better services to meet the challenges brought by the domestic market.

Shenzhen Lianchengfa

In the future, the company will still develop in parallel with the domestic and foreign markets. It is estimated that there will be more than 80 foreign dealers, increasing the share of the international market, and intensively cultivating and leasing series products in the domestic market to ensure new profit growth points.

Lehman shares

Continue to pay attention to the development opportunities of the sports industry, integrate the advantageous resources of the industrial chain, and optimize the strategic layout of the company’s sports industry

Unilumin Technology

Adhere to the sales route of mainly distribution and supplemented by direct sales, and expand the existing application fields, from the original control room, shopping malls, education, corporate conference rooms and other fields, to gradually develop to XR, VR virtual shooting and other scenarios, and improve supporting facilities services, including lighting design, construction, installation, operation, maintenance, etc.



Which company is best for LEDs?


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