Where is the interactive LED floor tile screen suitable for use

After several years of popularization, interactive induction LED floor tile screens have become commonplace in daily life. Today, let’s talk about the interactive LED floor tile screens. What is the use and is it worth installing?

Interactive LED floor tile screen, it is a new type of ground digital display device with interactive special effects. In the final analysis, the interactive sensor LED floor tile screen is a kind of LED display, which is improved and strengthened on the basis of conventional LED display. , So that it is suitable for high-intensity pedaling. According to laboratory test data, the interactive sensing LED floor tile screen can withstand the weight of ordinary private cars and still can be used normally. Therefore, the interactive sensing LED floor tile screen can accommodate multiple people stepping on it at the same time. From this point of view, the quality of the interactive LED floor tile screen is very good!

Fish swimming in the river of LED floor tile screen

When a person steps on the interactive LED floor tile screen, it will present interesting pictures and matching sound effects in real time, such as broken glass, fish moving, waves hitting the shore, etc., giving people an immersive feeling.

In the past few years, the “Internet Red Glass Bridge” that was once popular in major tourist attractions in China used an interactive LED floor tile screen. When a person steps on the glass trestle bridge, the glass is broken and emitted. With the sound of cracking, on the cliffs, how thrilling it is! Although it is daunting, it is still very fun to be shocked.
It is such a project that has attracted thousands of tourists to experience it, and has blown up many entertainment social software in China such as WeChat Moments, Xiaohongshu, Douyin, etc., making it a local Internet celebrity game project in one fell swoop !

“Internet celebrity glass bridges” are mostly built on cliffs and have a certain degree of danger, so many places have called off the new glass bridges. However, the interactive sensor LED floor tile screen can be suitable for more scenes, such as scenic spots, playgrounds, shopping malls, etc. In places such as bars, KTVs, hotels, restaurants, venues, science and technology museums, etc., I believe that the interactive LED floor tile screen can bring an extraordinary flow of people to the merchants installed! Why do you say that?
This is because the interactive LED floor tile screen has the characteristics of interaction, fun, fun, and high popularity. It is very helpful for attracting customers and is very suitable for installation in major commercial places. It can be used alone to collect tickets or can be used to drive traffic. Other consumption!

What do you think of the interactive LED floor tile screen now? I believe you already have the answer! All in all, the interactive induction LED floor tile screen is a kind of fun and interesting equipment that can be used in shopping malls, bars, KTVs, amusement parks and other commercial places to attract customers and attract traffic. It is very helpful for increasing popularity and driving sales! If you happen to have this need, you can send your needs to [email protected], and we will assign you professional sales staff to help you develop a plan that suits you.



Where is the interactive LED floor tile screen suitable for use


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