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What Should Be Paid Attention To When Using Wedding LED Display?

Nowadays, it is very common to use wedding LED displays at weddings, mainly because the pictures can be displayed more clearly and more realistically through the wedding display.

Of course, the wedding scene has relatively high-quality requirements for LED displays.

In addition to the quality requirements of the LED display itself, the following issues should also be paid attention to when using LED displays at weddings.

Using wedding display, need to pay attention to the problem

The style of the stage background:

The small freshness of the gauze curtain, the forest style, and the simple style are not suitable for LED displays. Wedding LED display is more suitable for colorful and mixed scenes. A single simple color will make the scene and the atmosphere not match.

The problem of venue space:

If the wedding venue is very wide, it is recommended to consider using a larger area of LED display.

Only the large LED screen can clearly express the situation of the wedding scene, wedding photos, and other video materials

so that the guests with remote seats can also feel the actual content of the wedding banquet so that the guests will not feel in vain.

Wedding LED Display
Wedding LED Display

If there are many pillars on the wedding venue, or the shape is not long but wide and flat, then the function of the LED screen is actually similar, and the actual usage depends on the area of the venue.

Play content:

If there are not many video materials and wedding photos, you can play more photo materials or micro movies.

Cost problem:

Rent LED screens according to the area. First, understand the current market price, and combine your own budget to see if it is necessary to use an LED display. Compared with other display devices, the price of using a wedding LED display is much higher.

Main table setting position:

Due to traditional customs, the main table of some old people must be set in the center of the stage.

If you use an LED display at this time, everyone will eat under strong light,

and your eyes will be uncomfortable, so it is best to use a wedding LED display that can be adjusted.

Demand analysis of different rental venues such as bars, high-end entertainment venues, fashion shows, press conferences, stadiums, large stages, concerts, and wedding ceremonies

Of course, with the breakthrough of LED display technology, LED rental screens are frequently used in many large-scale activities.

It plays an important role. It doesn’t only require thinness, easy installation, and debugging, but also high stability. Grasp these problems to prevent potential safety hazards;

The research and development of the industry’s advanced point-by-point correction technology, coupled with high-frequency refresh and high-definition contrast, makes the picture bright and clear without stuttering.

The combination of realistic pictures and shocking music gives people an immersive audiovisual feast. In addition,

we have professional personnel coming to assist in installation, inspection, debugging, and the stability of the entire rental screen. Ensure that every customer can rest assured! Program Features

Non-destructive grayscale brightness adjustment, combined with adjustment technology, has great color expression;

The contrast is very high, the white balance is consistent, the display color is uniform, and the picture definition is high, which can meet the requirements of live broadcasting;

Ultra-high refresh rate, completely eliminates the appearance of scanning lines, meets the needs of stage shooting, and presents perfect results;

It is not only convenient and quick to install and disassemble, but also has a cost advantage, suitable for large-scale production of stage backgrounds;

Equipped with a professional audio and video processing system, it supports live broadcasting.

The super large and clear live broadcasting screen breaks the limitation of seats and makes it easier to watch the performance from a distance, giving people an immersive audiovisual feast.

Highlights, slow motion playback, close-up shots, creation of special background environment; system structure

What type of screen is mainly used for LED display weddings?

The LED display models used in weddings can vary according to different uses and needs. The following are some common LED display models used in weddings:
P2.5: The P2.5 LED display has high pixel density and delicate image performance, which is often used for wedding stage background, stage decoration, or large-screen display. It can present images with rich details, making the stage effect more vivid and attractive.
P4: P4 LED display is also a common choice, with high image quality and visual effects. It is suitable for stage background, wedding live broadcasts, wedding stage arrangements, etc.
P5-P6: P5 and P6 LED displays are suitable for large-area display requirements, such as background walls or display screens in wedding dinners. These models of LED screens can provide good visual effects and can display content such as wedding photos or videos.
P10: P10 LED display is usually used in outdoor wedding venues, such as outdoor wedding ceremonies or outdoor wedding dinners. It has a larger pixel pitch and higher brightness, ensuring visibility and clarity in outdoor environments.
It should be noted that which type of LED display to choose depends on the size of the wedding venue, layout, budget and content to be presented. Furthermore, it is best to decide the most suitable LED display model according to the actual situation and professional opinions.

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