What is the testing process for a Mini LED?

Mini LED is an LED array integrated into a chip, so the individual volume is smaller, the structure is denser, and the distance between pixels can reach the micron level.

Compared with the existing display technology, the efficiency, brightness, and lightness will be higher. Excellent, and the stability will also be greatly improved.

At the end of 2020, Samsung launched a TV equipped with Micro-LED display technology. The 110-inch price is as high as 1.1 million yuan. It is reported that Samsung will launch Micro-LED TVs in 7 sizes this year; Apple is investing in Micro-LED for its equipment Technology may be applied to future Apple Watches; Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have also deployed Micro-LED display technology. It is not difficult to see that Micro-LED’s “next generation” status has been increasingly recognized.

Therefore, putting LED technology on mini LED will be the mainstream in the future. Whoever can master it early will have the absolute right to speak in this regard.

mini LED display
mini LED display

HOLA-LED, which has more than 10 years of LED display production experience, laid out the Mini LED track a few years ago, and has achieved good results so far.

MiniLED display automatic aging test line is a device for testing and evaluating the stability and reliability of the Mini LED display. Next, let’s take a look at its test situation:

  1. Preparation before the test: The MiniLED display is installed on the test bench and connected to the aging test line. The test lead is turned on and the test program is started.
  2. Automatic test: Mini LED display automatic aging test line will automatically test according to the preset parameters. Test the performance of the screen during prolonged use by simulating actual usage.
  3. Data analysis: After the test is completed, the MiniLED display test line will automatically analyze the data and generate a report. The report will show the performance of MiniLED displays in different environments, such as brightness, color, TV program viewing life, game playing life, etc. The test results can be used to evaluate the quality and performance of MiniLED displays.

In a word, the MiniLED display automatic aging test line simulates the actual use to test the MiniLED display for a long time and analyze the results to evaluate its quality and performance.



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