What is the price quotation of indoor LED display screen?

Many buyers of LED display screens especially want to know the quotation of LED indoor display screens when purchasing. If you want to know the price quickly, it is recommended that you consult Deliangshi customer service. Below we will give you a detailed introduction to the price composition of indoor LED displays:

  1. Screen

The screen accounts for 60-70% of the project amount of the led display.

1). The screen body is composed of LED module, power supply, box, cable and power cord.

2). Sending card and receiving card, the sending card packs the image information and sends it to the receiving card, and then performs image processing after the receiving card.

3). The graphics card dedicated to the display screen is similar to the graphics card of the computer.

4). LED playback software.

small pitch LED display
small pitch LED display
  1. Peripherals

Peripheral equipment includes: desktop computer, video processor, air conditioner (heat dissipation), distribution box, audio amplifier, function card (adjustable temperature, humidity and brightness).

  1. Steel structure and wiring

The installation methods of indoor led display screens are: wall-mounted, floor-mounted, inlaid, column-type, and roof-type. The large-area indoor LED advertising screen is fixed with your steel structure, and the requirements for the steel structure are very high.

  1. Other expenses

Including the LED display packaging and transportation costs, as well as the installation and debugging costs, we have experienced installers who can come to guide the installation.



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