What is the price of transparent led window screen

Transparent led display has been sold in full swing, and the market share is getting bigger and bigger, mainly used in glass curtain wall, glass window, open space, sightseeing elevator and other places that need to install the display and have good light transmittance. Install this type of led display.

The holaled window led transparent screen is exactly this product. The high transparency hardly affects the indoor lighting. The novel video design and 3D dynamic effect not only improve the store level, but also attract more customer traffic. Many jewelry stores, automobile 4S stores, brand clothing Shops have already installed such products, but most shop owners have seen that the effect is being planned. I want to know the price of transparent led window screen. Xiaobian will introduce it in detail here.

1 Screen price: The led transparent screen adopts a box design, and the standard box size is 1000mm*500mm. Now the glass of the glass window is basically designed as a whole, without any blocking or blocking in the middle. Using this standard box, Less time and customization costs, fast delivery and easy installation.

2 System price: The product has high refresh rate and stable performance, including sending box, receiving card and led studio software.

3 External equipment prices: external equipment mainly refers to audio amplifiers, computers, video processors, etc.

  1. Installation structure price: The led transparent screen box is designed to be light and thin, and the weight per square is about 12KG. It only needs a simple hoisting and supporting structure. It is simple to manufacture and has a small budget.

5 Transportation taxes and fees: LED transparent screen manufacturers do not set up warehouses in other provinces, and use logistics transportation methods, which will generate a logistics fee.

6 Technical installation price: There are two installation methods for engineering installation and technical guidance installation to solve customers’ worries.

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What is the price of transparent led window screen


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