What is the price of the LED grid screen?

In recent years, urban landscapes have evolved from simple functional lighting to aesthetically significant displays. Many LED grid screens are built on the most prosperous landmark buildings in the city. These large screens are LED grid screens. So, do you know the price of the LED grid screen?

The grille screen is a grille-shaped display screen composed of light bars. Because its shape is hollow, people in the industry call it a hollow screen. This kind of display is mainly used in outdoor walls, glass curtain walls, building roofs, outdoor anti-aircraft artillery, sightseeing elevators, etc. The leapfrog design of the grille screen breaks through the many limitations of the traditional LED screen on the building wall, making the project more flexible, more selective, and easier to manage.

The traditional LED display adopts a modular design. The bulky box structure is like a black wall, which will seriously affect the visual effect of the building facade and cannot meet the needs of various creative appearance displays of these buildings. The LED grid screen has the characteristics of high transparency, modularity and flexible installation, just like a thin transparent silk fabric hanging on the exterior of the building, so that the grid screen can be perfectly integrated with the landmark building.

With the development of the outdoor media market, people’s demand for LED grid screens will also soar. When the area of ​​the LED screen is too large, it poses a big challenge to the steel structure of the screen and the load-bearing capacity of the original building structure. Due to its light weight, low wind load, flexible installation, etc., LED grille screens have become the first choice for outdoor media to build large screens.

The LED grid screen can be selected according to different needs of different models and pixel pitch. The following is the price of the LED grid screen:
P12.5: Permeability rate 38% 8500 yuan/square meter

P15.625: Transmittance rate of 50%, 7500 yuan/square meter

P20: Transparent rate 60% 6000 yuan/square meter

P25: Permeability rate 68% 5000 yuan/square meter

The specific composition of LED grid screen price:
1. Screen price: more than 60% of the total investment of the project. The LED grid screen is composed of lamp beads, box body, power supply and so on.
2. Auxiliary equipment: computer (desktop computer), power distribution cabinet, audio amplifier (optional), video processor (optional), etc.
3. System engineering: including screen structure, wiring, installation and debugging, etc.
4. Others: freight, including air boxes that are convenient for packaging and transportation.



What is the price of the LED grid screen?


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