What is the price of P4 indoor full color display?

What is the price of the p4 indoor full-color display? As a customer, this is more intuitive and the first question, so many customers will directly ask the manufacturer’s leader or boss for the price when they connect, because they think the price they want is, It will be different from the business side.

The price of indoor full-color display is now about 4000/square meter (May 2022), but this price can be referenced, there will be a lot of fluctuations up and down, mainly because in the LED display industry, raw materials are almost a day One price, the quotations are valid on the same day. This does not mean that you have to place an order today, so you are bluffing. In fact, many customers know that many of them are items that will only be available after a long time of inquiries, and the led display Screen prices are really fluctuating now.

4500/square meter only includes the module, box, power supply, receiving card, sending card, and nothing else. After the whole project, the price of outdoor indoor full-color display involves: logistics, transportation, installation and debugging , After-sales service, steel structure, video processor, power distribution cabinet, computer, air conditioner, and brightness sensor.

The outdoor LED display once caused light pollution to the surrounding environment due to the high brightness, and now the brightness sensor will be installed for self-adjustment.

The above is the preliminary budget of the p4 indoor full-color display price and an overview of other factors involved. In fact, only one-stop service manufacturers will make the entire quotation in detail, and some only provide modules, so when encountering low prices , but also to ask what is provided. And the boss and the business quotation are actually not much different. There will really be leaders and their own business to grab orders? And the business, don’t all listen to the company’s arrangements? Maybe the leader’s matchmaking meeting is more direct, and the one-off price is Sure, the business side needs to be constantly polished, but it is the same everywhere in Chengdu, and the business is also for ordering. Therefore, it is also possible to find a salesperson for the price of the p4 indoor full-color display.

P4 indoor full color display
P4 indoor full color display


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