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What Is The Market Prospect Of LED Transparent Screen?

The LED transparent screen has the characteristics of transparency, thinness, etc. From its characteristics, it can be seen that the market prospect of the LED transparent screen is very good, and it is also the best display product to cooperate with the glass window display.

The cool video display of the LED transparent screen, can greatly attract the attention of the passing passengers, enhance the attention of the store, enhance the brand image, and promote the sales of the merchants.

Therefore, LED transparent screens have received widespread attention and enthusiasm in the market. Nowadays, whether it is a commercial complex, a shopping mall, a 4S store, a window, an SLR, or a place with glass, there is a market for transparent LED displays.

For example, in building lighting projects, the glass screens required in the future may be replaced by LED transparent displays, and the number of such projects is still increasing, and the market size is gradually expanding.

LED Transparent Screen
LED Transparent Screen

Below we summarize the market prospects of LED transparent screens in the following points according to the existing market conditions.

What is the market prospect of LED transparent screen?

Market demand

With the continuous development and progress of LED display technology, people have higher and higher requirements for outdoor advertising media, and traditional advertising light boxes, posters and other media can no longer meet people’s new advertising development and needs, so outdoor high-definition LED display The screen stands out and quickly becomes a new trend in the development of new media.

Under the background of such a big environment, transparent LED display screens gradually occupy the market demand, especially in the application field of glass curtain walls, occupying an increasingly important position.

At the same time, in urban planning and construction, glass window engineering buildings are more popular, which prompts the emergence of indoor transparent LED displays.

Cooperating with the transparent LED screen to display the high-quality glass window building, the building has fashion, color diversity, modernity, and a sense of technology, giving people a unique expression.

Product advantages

At present, whether it is LED display products in traditional fields or products in emerging subdivision fields, LED displays are developing in the direction of lightness and thinness. From outdoor fixed installation to indoor large-screen displays, the trend of “transparency” is becoming more and more obvious.
At the same time, in the superimposed use of precise advertising push, human-screen interaction, 3D and other technologies, the application range of transparent LED displays is still expanding.

The newly upgraded installation method of the LED transparent screen – indoor installation and outdoor watching video has stepped into the public’s sight. The brand-new application method, the development trend of the status of video technology, and its design concept close to the needs of the mass market have prompted its rapid development in a short period of time, and a new investment hotspot that has begun to take shape has arrived.

Market size

Transparent LED displays continue to explode, and the market potential is huge. According to forecasts, by 2025, the market output value of LED transparent screens will be about 10 billion yuan.

Since 2017, some transparent LED display manufacturers have not only created many excellent large-scale case projects, but also continuously innovated in product performance and form, and are at the forefront of creative display. Due to the influence of national policies such as “light pollution” and “city appearance rectification”, transparent LED display products have risen rapidly.

In order to help create a new city image, with the stable and mature technology and application, high-end commercial display, high-tech fields, and even digital stage art and other fields are all markets for LED transparent screens.

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