What is the load-bearing capacity of the indoor P3.91 LED floor tile screen

LED display screens are mostly known to people as outdoor LED advertising screens, LED publicity screens in shopping malls, LED rental screens on the stage, and mobile LED car screens, indoor P3.91 LED floor tile screen,etc. With the development of the display industry, people have not only used LED displays to promote products or services, but the demand for LED displays in the field of decoration and interpretation is also increasing.

Among them, the LED floor tile screen is a display product that is widely used in interior decoration and stage performance.

In many leisure areas of exhibition halls or theme restaurants that focus on interior decoration, we will see that there are pictures on the floor, and they are magnificent.

The pictures can be adjusted and changed at any time to set off with the surrounding environment of the room, forming a kind of Unique and beautiful effect. In addition, in many art performance stages, the pictures on the ground of the stage, along with the performers’ beautiful dance or gorgeous movements, bring a kind of artistic beauty that shocks the hearts of the audience. And these floors that can be displayed on the screen and can withstand people stepping on them are LED floor tiles.

Regarding these magnificent LED floor tiles, people can’t help but worry that if so many people step on them, and so many performers jump on the stage, will they crush the LED floor tiles? After all, the LED display screens that everyone perceives are the kind of fragile “glass”, the kind that breaks when you drop it.

In order to solve the concerns of users, the LED display manufacturer, Ruiling Optoelectronics tested the P3.91 indoor LED floor tile screen independently developed.

First of all, we slowly drove the 1.6t car on the prepared LED floor tile screens. These floor tile screens are not the final products that have been made, but in accordance with the manufacturing process and materials of the floor tile screens, such as the one in front of the display. Toughened glass is used to prepare.

After the car has completely stepped on the display, let it stay on the floor tile screen for about half an hour, and then slowly drive away. There is no damage to the entire LED floor tile screen.

Through the actual measurement of the car rolling above, it can be known that the P3.91 LED display can bear the weight and pressure

In order to further verify the load-bearing capacity of the P3.91 LED floor tile screen, we increased the weight of the car. We tested it again with a 2.9t car and slowly drove the 2.9t black car on the floor tile screen. After the entire body is completely covered on the display, let it stay for about 30 minutes, and then slowly drive away. At this time, the P3.91 LED floor tile screen still has no damage.

Through the above test, we can know that Ruiling P3.91 indoor LED floor tile screen can withstand a gravity of at least 2.9t. This load-bearing capacity can be used in almost all indoor applications, at least there will be no large trucks or large indoors. Trucks pass by, and for ordinary cars, there is almost no problem. For people jumping on the display, this point of gravity is no problem for Ruiling P3.91 LED floor tiles.




What is the load-bearing capacity of the indoor P3.91 LED floor tile screen


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