What is the LED film screen? What information do I need to know?

The LED film screen is a subdivision product derived from the field of LED transparent screens. Compared with the transparent LED screen, it has the advantages of higher transparency, lighter and thinner, and easier installation. Next, let us start to understand the specifications and dimensions of the LED film screen, and then take a look at the precautions for purchase:

First. What are the specifications and dimensions of the LED film screen?

There are 6 types of standard LED film screens: 5*10mm, 6*6mm, 10*10mm, 16*16mm, 20*20mm, 40*40mm. In addition to the size, different models of LED film screens are different in the following points.

1. Pixel density. The film screen adopts SMD packaging, and the pixel point (i.e. pixel pitch) is the basis for distinguishing the model of the LED film screen, and also determines the final display effect of the film screen. The smaller the model, the more high-definition display, suitable for close viewing, the screen is generally only used in small and medium-sized areas. For example, 6mm is definitely better than 10mm.

2. The best viewing distance. The higher the pixel density, the more suitable for close-range HD viewing, and the better the effect.

3. Brightness. The application environment of film screen can be divided into two categories, one is indoor environment application, the brightness is about 1000CD/㎡, the other is semi-outdoor environment, indoor installation, outdoor highlight display, the brightness is greater than 3000CD/㎡.

4. Permeability. The greater the maturity density, the more the lamp beads will block per unit area, and of course the permeability will be lower. Therefore, the transparency rate and high-definition display are a dilemma. The transparency rate is guaranteed, and the picture quality display is generally not too high-definition, so it is best to strike a balance between the two. Currently, the most widely used models are 6mm, 10mm, and 16mm.

Second. Matters needing attention when purchasing LED film screen

1. Lamp bead selection

The quality of LED devices is guaranteed, the working current is appropriate, the PCB heat dissipation design is reasonable, and the film screen production process is rigorous. LED lamp beads are one of the most durable components in the film screen. Be sure to choose a regular LED film screen manufacturer and use well-known brand lamp beads such as National Star.

2. Brightness selection

If it is a pure indoor installation, it is recommended to choose low-brightness film screen products, the cost of low brightness is relatively low, which can save costs; indoor installations with outward display installation methods, generally choose medium-bright film screen products, and the price will be relatively moderate; If it is a pure outdoor display, you must choose a high-brightness film screen product.

3. Viewing angle

The viewing angle of the LED film screen is 160°. The large viewing angle ensures a larger viewing range and a larger audience. The viewing effect is consistent within the range, and there is no color cast. If the viewing angle is too small, the experience of the visual effect will also deteriorate.

4. Permeability

The LED film screen is evolved from a transparent screen and consists of strips of light bars. Its transparency is naturally not completely transparent, generally the transparency is 60%-95%.

5. Driver IC

The driver chip is like the central nerve of the human brain, in charge of the movement of the body and the operation of the brain’s thinking and consciousness, so the choice of driver is also very important.

6. Power consumption

The film screen is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly product with low power consumption and an average power consumption of less than 280W/㎡. It does not require traditional refrigeration systems and air conditioning to dissipate heat.

Warm reminder: The smaller the LED film screen spacing, the more expensive the price. When the viewing position is not critical, the effect is actually difficult to distinguish; for example, a 10mm film screen, when viewed from 30 meters away, the display effect is actually similar. It is recommended to choose a small model for small-area screens, which is suitable for viewing at close range; for large-area screens, it is recommended to choose a large model, which is suitable for long-distance viewing.

This is a better match. Of course, it is also possible to choose a small model for a large area, but the price will be much higher, and the display effect is not very different, so there is no need to spend wrong money. Of course, when choosing a film screen, you can comprehensively consider the size, use requirements, installation and viewing environment, budget and other factors to select the ideal product model.



What is the LED film screen? What information do I need to know?


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