What is the effect of using P3.91 HD interactive floor tile screen?

P3.91 HD interactive floor tile screen is a novel ground display device customized for stage, catwalk, entertainment and other places. Flexible modular design can realize various environmental applications. Although the domestic P3.91 high-definition interactive floor tile screen can achieve similar interactive effects through pre-set video methods, the scene of the performance is often full of uncertainties.

It requires a dedicated staff to be responsible for video playback and adjustment, which not only requires a lot of resources. , And can’t achieve timeliness and accuracy. P3.91 HD interactive floor tile screen can solve this problem in a targeted manner.

The P3.91 high-definition interactive floor tile screen adopts a video synchronization control scheme, which realizes the effect of high-resolution soft color display, and completes the perfect combination of stage virtual landscaping and performance interaction; it uses a high-strength tempered glass mask and strong support Device.

The P3.91 high-definition interactive floor tile screen has a load-bearing capacity of more than 1 ton, strong impact resistance, and can be directly stepped on. The modular design of quick disassembly and assembly, and the excellent protective structure can realize seamless splicing and arbitrary combination.

P3.91 high-definition interactive floor tile screen working principle:

The working principle of the P3.91 high-definition interactive floor tile screen is to first capture the target image (such as the participant) by capturing the foot motion of the target image (such as the participant) by capturing the P3.91 high-definition interactive floor tile screen sensor chip, and then the image analysis and system analysis are used to generate the captured person or object The operation data combined with the real-time image interactive system enables the participants to have a closely integrated real-time interactive effect with the P3.91 high-definition interactive floor tile screen.

The P3.91 HD interactive floor tile screen system uses hybrid virtual reality technology and motion capture technology, which is a further improvement of virtual reality technology. Virtual reality is a technology that generates a three-dimensional image through a computer, displays a three-dimensional space and interacts with it. Through mixed reality, users can manipulate the virtual image while also being in contact with the real environment, thereby enhancing the sensory visual experience.

Support multi-point trigger

Hola-led’s intelligent P3.91 high-definition interactive floor tile screen can realize that multiple people walking on the screen at the same time will have a sensing effect. There are multiple application modes. There is no need to add a control system. Different application modes (floor tile mode, floor tile mode, Conventional large-screen mode), more targeted.

Accurate and sensitive triggering

HOLA-LED adopts a self-developed sensing operating system, using proximity sensing technology, combined with Flash video materials, to realize the sensing interaction between the object and the screen. Compared with infrared sensor, the proximity sensor trigger technology developed by HOLA-LED is more accurate, while infrared sensor is easy to trigger by mistake. Compared with radar sensing, proximity sensing is less affected by the environment, and there is no blocking that causes trigger failure.

Features of P3.91 HD interactive floor tile screen:

1. Fast and flexible installation: It can be installed directly without tools or on rails.

2. High load-bearing performance: aluminum alloy material structure, the load-bearing capacity can reach 1.5 tons per square meter.

3. Excellent maintenance performance: It can be exchanged directly without dismantling adjacent cabinets.

4. High light transmittance design: use high light transmittance mask, clear playback effect.

5. Outstanding low-brightness and high-gray effects, uniform grayscale display and good consistency.

Service Content:

We carry out creative design planning according to the actual needs of users’ P3.91 high-definition interactive floor tile screen project content, integrate the software and hardware of the interactive device, project and customer needs, can provide various interactive display types and methods, and complete the installation of the project site system, debugging. And improve the after-sales service, free training for users, free maintenance during the warranty period, and provide strong technical support.

Scope of application:

Museums, planning halls, enterprises, showrooms, commercial exhibitions, brand exhibition halls, children’s science parks, science and technology museums, children’s activity centers, children’s palaces, theme parks, digital information, shopping malls, leisure experience areas, education halls, etc.



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