What is the difference between LCD screen and LED screen

LCD screen and LED screen look very similar, but there is a big difference, especially in the principle of light.The differences are as follows:

First, different principles.

1, LCD is in the backlight board display picture, it needs liquid crystal display unit.

2, and LED is dot matrix light, the two principle is different lead to the production process is not the same, but it is difficult to say who is more advanced.

Two, the definition is different.

LED screen resolution can be made higher than LCD, so that it is also more clear, a significant difference in mobile phones, because most LCD materials have a lower pixel density than LED.

Three, the performance is different.
LCD screen color performance, reaction speed and so on city is slower than LED, LED can make color display more accurate, and the reaction speed is faster, operation will be more sensitive.
Four, the price is different.
LCD screens are usually cheaper than leds because they cost less to make, while LED screens are higher and offer a better viewing experience.
Five, applicable to different scenarios.
1, LCD screen is suitable for the definition of the requirements are not high, and the display area of less than 10 square meters.
2, and LED screen is suitable for display effect requirements are high, the color requirements are very accurate occasions.



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