What is the current market environment for LED transparent screens?

LED transparent screen is a new type of transparent display product created by using human vision principles. The structure of the light bar is similar to blinds, and the lamp beads are evenly distributed on the light bar in a dot matrix. It is generally installed and indoors without changing the building space and appearance. It has the characteristics of high transparency, high brightness, and colorful colors. So,what is the current market environment for LED transparent screens?

Large-scale facilities with transparent LED screens are more effective in use.

Due to its large-area display characteristics, LED transparent screens generally adopt a modular design, which can be assembled into a giant screen by DIY, with or without frame design, can be spliced ​​in irregular shapes, and can also be curved to show a perfect display effect. Mainly used in stage dance, large shopping malls, chain stores, high-end exhibitions, glass windows, architectural glass and other scenes that require transparent display. Transparent LED display is the new star among LED displays in recent years. It has been loved by the public. For traditional LED displays, traditional LED displays are bulky and expensive, which is not conducive to maintenance, and requires a lot of consumption in installation. The transportation and installation labor costs.

And through its own continuous technological innovation and innovative breakthroughs, the LED transparent display not only guarantees the lighting requirements and viewing angle range requirements of the floors, glass facades, windows and other lighting structures of the product use environment, but also the product has good heat dissipation and resistance. The aging function can be applied to various fields, and the product is also extremely convenient in installation and maintenance. It breaks the limitations of traditional LED display screens on glass curtain walls, and is also a major change in LED display screens.

The use of transparent LED screens in shopping malls is always colorful.

The LED transparent display shows the principle:
1. The principle of the transparent LED display is the same as the traditional full-color LED display. The LED power supply provides power, the LED display control system is responsible for transmitting instructions, the driver IC provides the display program, and the LED lamp beads are responsible for the display;
2. A complete LED electronic display screen is made by fixing the PCB board and the bottom shell mask. The principle of the transparent LED screen display is also the same. The difference is that the transparent LED screen adopts innovative technology in the structural design and related processes, making The light transmittance of the display is higher.

In the fierce market competition, LED screens shine with a variety of “creative displays” that break through conventions. As a new star product of LED display screens, transparent LED screens gradually occupy the LED commercial display market with outstanding uniqueness. Many industry friends know that 95% of LED transparent screen manufacturers are gathered in Shenzhen, Guangdong. Shenzhen, where LEDs are concentrated, has been creating miracles of commercial display and creative display. The birth of LED transparent screens will impact traditional LED displays. Huge market share.

Therefore, compared with LCD and DLP, LED transparent display screen is widely loved by consumers and is popular in the market due to its inherent advantages such as high brightness, no pollution, seamless splicing, and no area influence. Favor.



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