What is the control principle of interactive LED floor tile screen?

Interactive LED floor tile screen is an application branch in the field of LED display screen. Through innovative design, this product is widely used in stage display, commercial application, store decoration and other directions. The emergence of interactive LED floor tile screen provides a more novel expression method for various performance creative design, which is a beneficial supplement to the current display equipment.

Under the increasingly prominent problem of product homogeneity in the LED display market, the emergence of interactive LED floor tile screen provides a reference idea for the innovative application of LED in China. Interactive LED floor tile screen has a good market prospect.

LED floor tile screen installation method step-by-step demonstration

Before the emergence of interactive LED floor tile screen, luminous floor tiles, similar products in the market, were also used in commercial decoration. The luminous floor tile can display patterns on the floor tile. This kind of luminous floor tile generally depends on the built-in single chip microcomputer to control the display of simple patterns, or can be controlled by connecting the computer, so that the whole stage can display changing effects.

However, these patterns or effects are preset in the single chip microcomputer or computer, and only output according to the control of the program, there will be no interaction with the people on the stage.

With the development of touch technology in recent years, there are luminous floor tiles that can interact with people, and their novel and interesting experience mode is favored by the market. The implementation principle of interactive LED floor tile screen is to set pressure sensor, capacitive sensor or infrared sensor on the floor tile.

When people interact with the floor tile screen, these sensors sense people’s position and feedback their trigger information to the main controller, and then the main controller outputs the corresponding display effect after logical judgment.

Common interactive tile control modes include offline control mode, Ethernet online control mode and wireless distributed control mode. Corresponding tile screen products are produced for different engineering applications, and supporting effect production software is designed.

LED floor tile screen installation method step-by-step demonstration

Using the software seek way dance player, users can control the tile screen to enter the interactive mode of different patterns (it can realize the sensing pattern and sensing sound effect functions respectively or at the same time) or play full-color images as a screen.

The interactive LED floor tile screen can generate multiple sets of gorgeous built-in effects with one key, and can also intercept or import effects in different formats; it has powerful text editing function, and can edit text effects as needed; it can adjust brightness and speed in real time, and can flexibly adjust brightness and speed according to application occasions; users can also carefully set or modify engineering parameters and routing through installation settings, which is simple and fast .

At present, the application scope of interactive floor tile screen is becoming wider and wider. From the initial floor covering, a variety of different shapes and playing methods have been expanded. For example, it can be used on the stage. While dancers dance, the pattern also changes.

Usually, the special effect bridge we see on some short video platforms is also made of interactive floor tile screen. I learned about interactive L After the technology and application scope of ED floor tile screen, it can be predicted that more interesting immersive VR simulation effects may appear in the near future.



What is the control principle of interactive LED floor tile screen?


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