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What Is Pixel Pitch In LED?

Many users who contact LED screens for the first time will see a parameter about the dot pixel pitch, or the manufacturer’s report will also ask us what kind of dot pitch products we want to use, so what does the LED screen dot pitch mean?

1. the concept of point spacing

LED Module
LED Module

Point spacing, spacing, pixel spacing, these three professional terms have the same meaning, because the LED display is encapsulated by one lamp bead, and the distance between the lamp bead and the center of the lamp bead is the point spacing, The unit is millimeters. In the industry, the letter “P” in the word “pixel pitch” is also commonly used to refer to the dot pitch. For example, the P2.0 LED screen refers to LED products with a dot pitch of 2mm.

The size of the dot pitch will directly affect the resolution of the LED screen. The smaller the dot pitch, the higher the resolution, and the clearer the screen when displaying content, especially when viewed at close range.

2.The importance of point spacing

Led Display Pixel Pitch Point
Led Display Pixel Pitch Point

With the introduction of COB packaging technology, the current dot pitch of LED screens is getting smaller and smaller, which has broken through 1mm. After 11 years of development, hola-led has profound research and development capabilities and accumulated rich engineering experience. The product dot pitch is fully covered. -1mm, 1-10mm, 10+mm, leading the industry.

Of course, some products with large spacing are still the main force in outdoor display, because in outdoor display, the distance from the screen is usually relatively far, reaching tens of meters, and products with too small spacing are not needed at this time.

Like outdoor commonly used P12, P10, P8, P6, P4 and so on. In some indoor occasions, products with small spacing are used more, because the viewing distance is usually close in indoor occasions, and the content played at the same time is mainly text or video. Users are more interested in the texture and clarity of the picture, so they will use it. For products with smaller dot pitch, such as P3, P2, P1.5, etc., the current LED screen with the smallest dot pitch can achieve P1.2 and P0.9, and the clarity of the picture is close to that of the LCD screen.

The smaller the dot pitch, the higher the density of the lamp beads, the better the resolution, and the more delicate the picture. Of course, the overall cost will be higher. On the contrary, the larger the dot pitch, the smaller the pixel density, the lower the resolution, and the higher the display. The sharper the image, the lower the cost.

3. How to choose the point spacing

Appropriate Viewing Distance
Appropriate Viewing Distance

According to the importance of the dot pitch of the LED screen, the size of the dot pitch mainly affects the resolution of the LED screen, that is, the clarity, so if the distance between our people and the screen is close, it is best to use a small pitch at this time. LED screen, if the viewing distance is long, you can use some large spacing.

Regarding the conversion between viewing distance and point spacing, there is no absolutely uniform standard formula in the industry. And everyone’s subjective visual experience is different. We have summarized a conversion formula here for reference: (distance unit: meters)

Minimum viewing distance = dot pitch (mm) × 1000/1000

The most suitable viewing distance = dot pitch (mm) × 3000/1000

The farthest viewing distance = screen height (m) × 30

Of course, if you want to simplify the viewing distance, you can refer to an unwritten standard in the industry, that is, the viewing distance is divided by two. If the viewing distance is 5 meters, it is best to use an LED screen with a pitch of P2.5 or less. In this way, the overall visual experience will be better.

In addition, we can also choose according to the main playback content of the application. If it is necessary to play some 4K video, text, big data and other information, then in order to ensure the clarity of the picture, an LED screen with a smaller dot pitch is used.

With the improvement of LED screen packaging technology, the dot pitch of LED screen is getting smaller and smaller, which not only improves the clarity of painting, but also expands the application scope of LED screen. Clear, at this time the introduction of small-pitch products solves this type of problem.

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