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At present, people’s lives are inseparable from electronic screens, and they are constantly demanding higher resolution, higher contrast, and more gorgeous screen images, so that a near-real visual experience has become the biggest driving force for the development of the display industry. There is no doubt that we are entering “Ultra HD” visual era. Since the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of my country jointly issued the “Ultra HD Video Industry Development Action Plan” in March last year, all localities have coordinated and promoted the development of the ultra-high-definition video industry. The technology of Mini/Micro LED is expected to take the lead in the “Ultra HD” market.

8K UHD sets off the wave of Micro LED
8K UHD sets off the wave of Micro LED

“5G + 8K will lead the ultra HD video industry to develop, Mini/Micro led is a new generation of display technology, the opportunity has been opened.” Recently, JYLD chairman accepts an interview, so talk. In 2019, JYLD is a unusual year. In the case of the overall performance of the LED industry, JYLD’s profitability is protruded, and the biggest driving force behind it is the MICRO LED market.

Micro LED
Micro LED

In fact, in 2017, Apple started to try to apply Micro LED applications; 2018, Samsung launched the THE WALL Micro LED TV and other products; JYLD has also begun to test the water Micro LED a few years ago, but in view of technology, There are many factors such as cost, which does not have a large scale such as market expectations. Until last year, with the advancement of “5g + 8K”, Micro LED became “just need”, and the further stability of Micro LED technology and products, allowing JYLED and other first-rates of MICRO LED to take this “express” .

As in the industry’s professional analysis, “5G gives 8K super HD video a high-speed transmission channel, 8K is also seen as one of the top ten application scenes of 5G, but traditional display equipment can not reflect 8K super high-definition. This is precisely the strength of Micro LED. “Next, with the country’s promotion of 5G and ultra HD video industries, Micro LED will usher in great development.

Industrial chain ushered in new growth cycle

According to the relevant institutional estimates, the market size of Micro LEDs in 2021 is expected to reach 100 million yuan, and it is expected that MICRO LEDs are expected to maintain approximately about 75%, and the SMS market will reach 5 billion yuan to 2024. At the same time, according to the MINI / Micro LED market demand, it is expected to drive the LED lampball market about 200-285 billion yuan, which is expected to drive the LED chip to about 120-17 billion market demand. At present, LED shows that the industrial competition pattern tends to be stable, and the profitability in the future industry chain is also expected to stabilize and go to the new development cycle.

However, although Micro LEDs will become the core solution of the next generation of HD display technology, there are still more technical problems that need to be solved. At the same time, the Micro LED industry chain has not yet been perfect, although some manufacturers launched Micro LED display products, but the actual chip specifications did not reach strictly significant Micro LED level, and there is still a distance from the market, and there is still a long way to coordinate downstream downstream downstream downstream. distance.

It is undeniable that Micro LED is a new generation of display technology, which will bring a huge new market for the LED display industry. Opportunities have already opened, can seize opportunities, and need to make a screen enterprise.



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