What is LED small pitch size?

It is good to know the module size and specification calculation of the LED display screen. Generally, it is not necessary. However, if the conventional size cannot be used, it can only be customized. At this time, you need to know the calculation method of the module size specification.

Several calculation methods of module size

1. Calculation method between points:

The distance between each pixel and another pixel, in millimeters. The dot pitch of the more common P10 outdoor full-color screen is 10mm, while the dot pitch of the P12 full-color LED display is 12mm, which is generally the case.

led display Pixel Pitch point
led display Pixel Pitch point

2 Module size specification calculation method:

Taking the P10 full-color screen as an example, the general length is 32 dots and the width is 16 dots. The calculation method is as follows: length = long dots × dot pitch width = wide dots × dot pitch; length = 32 dots × 10mm =320mm; height=16 points×10mm=160mm

The number of modules used in 3 screens

Number of modules used for length × number of modules used for height = total number of modules used

Here is an example: Assuming that there is a display screen with all outdoor P10 modules, the length is 20 meters and the height is 10 meters, how many modules need to be calculated.

Calculation method: The module size of a P10 display screen is: 32cm*16cm.

1. Number of modules used for length: 2000cm/32cm=62.5

2. Width using module 1000cm/16cm=62.5

The total number of modules used: 62.5×62.5=3906.25, which is about 3910.

2. Common LED display module single board size and display pixel points:

Appropriate viewing distance
Appropriate viewing distance

Module name Module size specification

  • P3.75 19.2cm*9.6cm
  • P4 12.8cm*6.4cm
  • P6 19.2cm*9.6cm
  • P7.62 24.4cm*12.2cm
  • P10 32cm*16cm

Knowing about the LED pitch size and the calculation method of the LED module size, let’s find out what kind of display is most suitable for us. Here we need to understand what factors are related to the calculation of the size of the large LED screen.

In the case of the same size of the larger LED screen, the smaller the distance between the high points of the pixel, the greater the distance between the low points of the pixel. Here we give an example. If the width of a large LED screen is 5.12 meters, and a large screen with a P2.5 pitch is used, then its pixels are equal to 2048 points. If the pixel is reduced to 1024, the specification is equal to 5120△1024 = 5, and the distance between points is 5mm.


If the spacing of LED large screen dots is determined to be p2.5, the larger the size, the larger the pixels. For example, if we plan to build a 3.2m wide large screen display, the pixels will be equal to 3200△2.5 = 1280 dots. When the width is increased to 4.8m, the calculation formula is 4800△2.5 = 1920 pixels.

If the pixels displayed on the large LED screen remain the same, for example, I want to achieve the width of 1536 lamp beads, the larger the distance between the dots, the larger the size. For example, if I plan to do indoor P3 large-screen display, the width is 1536 × 3 = 4.608m. If I plan to change to P4 large screen display, the width is 1536 × 4 = 6.144 meters.

According to the above points, we can know that in order to perfectly match the pixel and size of the LED large-screen display, we must know the size, specification, and model of the display, so that the effect displayed by the large-screen display can be more perfect.



What is LED small pitch size?


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