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What Is LED Crystal Film Screen? What Is The Difference With LED Film Screen?

LED crystal film screen is one of the transparent screen subdivision products, that is used in glass environments, such as architectural glass curtain walls, glass windows, glass guardrails, etc. It has the characteristics of ultra-high transparency and ultra-thin. Because the number of pages of LED crystal film screen belongs to the category of transparent LED display, it is necessary to mention the content of transparent LED display here.

The transparent display screen is an upgraded and innovative design based on the conventional LED transparent screen, which removes the rigid light bar or PCB board, making the screen body thinner, more transparent, flexible, and bendable.

LED Transparent Display
LED Transparent Display

Transparent display screens can be used both as conventional displays and in special display fields, such as making creative special-shaped screens, cylindrical screens, spherical screens, curved screens, etc. They are widely used in glass curtain walls, shopping mall advertisements, exhibitions, etc. Display, creative art landscape and other scenes.

So what is the difference between it and the LED film screen, first let’s take a look at the advantages of the LED film screen:

The crystal film screen adopts the LED lamp bead bare crystal ball-planting technology, the lamp board adopts the transparent crystal film, the surface is etched with a transparent mesh circuit, and the components are pasted on the surface after the vacuum sealing process.

LED crystal film screen main advantage

  • It can be directly attached to the glass curtain wall without damaging the original structure of the building;
  • When not playing, the screen is invisible, does not affect indoor lighting, and when viewed from a distance, the installation traces of the screen cannot be seen;
  • The light transmittance of the crystal film screen is as high as 95%, which can present a bright and bright image effect, making the image of the product more eye-catching, and the super color creates an excellent visual experience for users.
LED Crystal Film Screen
LED Crystal Film Screen

Is the LED crystal film screen the same as the LED film screen?

Actually, they are different products. Although both the LED film screen and the LED crystal film screen are very flexible and bendable, they can be attached to the glass, and the installation is extremely simple. Both are lightweight, but they differ as follows:

1. Manufacturing process

The LED crystal film screen adopts the bare crystal ball-planting technology, the light board adopts the transparent crystal film, the surface is etched with a transparent mesh circuit, and the components are pasted on the surface after the vacuum sealing process.

The LED film screen uses a specific bare chip, and the components are fixed on the high-transparency PCB board, and the display module is integrated into a lens-type substrate through a unique cover glue process.

2. Permeability

The LED crystal film screen has higher permeability. Because the structure of the LED film screen is simpler, there is no PCB board, and a fully transparent film is used, so the permeability is higher.

3. Weight

The weight of the LED film screen is extremely light, about 1.3kg/square meter, and the LED film screen is 2~4kg/square meter.

Process advantages of crystal film screen

1. Since the IC pad of the CSP package is only 150um*150um, there are 13 solder pins on one driver chip, which requires very high mounting and soldering requirements. Requirements and experience to meet mass production requirements.

2. Due to the small and many pads, the printing requirements are very high, and the printing quality cannot be judged by the naked eye and ordinary machines. This problem can be well solved by high-precision testing machines.

The role of packaging

The overall performance of the LED transparent screen after encapsulation and protection can be greatly improved, such as:

  • Improve the protection effect of LED lamp beads: The optical material completely wraps the LED lamp beads and the welding place to prevent the lamp beads from falling off;
  • Improve the display effect: There is no air layer between the LED lamp beads and the protective panel/glass, which can reduce light loss, improve brightness and reduce power;
  • Improve the protection of circuit boards and metal lines: the optical material completely covers the circuit boards and metal wires to prevent short circuits caused by wire damage and oxidation;
  • Improve the performance of dust-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-collision: improve the overall adaptability and reliability of the LED screen, and prolong the service life.

In addition, the LED transparent screen after encapsulation protection also has the following characteristics:

  • Light and thin, the thickness of the LED transparent screen after packaging and protection is 1.5-3mm, and the weight per unit area is less than or equal to 2Kg/m2;
  • High light transmittance, flexible optical packaging materials will not change the light transmittance of the original LED soft film screen;
  • Soft, bendable, cuttable, suitable for curved structure, suitable for curved display;
  • Easy installation, maintenance, and targeted replacement of dead lights without scrapping the entire screen;
  • Good weather resistance, products can withstand high/low temperature, UV resistance, outdoor products can be resistant to water drenching and salt spray;
  • The overall cost is lower than digging and fitting.
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