What is flexible LED screen?

The use of LED displays for advertising and branding has become the first choice for most businesses because of its ability to reach a wide audience and impress customers, allowing businesses to see immediate and real-time business growth. Different types of LED displays provide the possibility for enterprises to achieve different business goals. For example, if you want to grow your business in an innovative and personalized way, creating a flexible LED screen is a great option. Flexible LED screens have been widely used in various business scenarios in recent years and have become one of the best tools for investment to promote business growth.

LED flexible screen
LED flexible screen

What is a flexible LED screen?

The flexible LED screen is a display screen made of high-quality PCB and rubber materials, where the final imaged LED pixels are located, there are insulating substrates on both sides of the panel screen to protect the LED circuit from damage. Due to the strong malleability of the materials used to make this display, the flexible LED panel screen, also known as a bendable LED display, can be customized into creative devices of any shape and size, which is the biggest difference between it and traditional flat LED screens . Due to its high elasticity, the flexible LED screen can still display clear and eye-catching images even if it is bent to any arc during installation.

Basically, soft LED displays come in handy when it comes to attracting new customers to your business. Purchasing a flexible LED display is the ideal way to have a constructive effect that positively drives your business. Check out the unique advantages that differentiate flexible LED screens from other types of LED displays.

Flexible LED Screen

Flexible LED Display
Flexible LED Display

7 advantages of flexible LED screensCreative display

1,Creative display

With the modular installation method, the flexible LED screen can be designed into various irregular shapes for creative display, showing the unique artistic atmosphere of your enterprise. Flexible LED screens allow you to unleash your creativity and easily create designs that are consistent with your business and the products or services you offer.

2,custom made

The malleability of flexible LED screens allows you to personalize what you buy from LED manufacturers in terms of size, shape and pixel pitch. Because you can easily customize the pixel pitch, brightness, and shape on these displays, you can easily create great designs that meet customer needs and engage your audience with your business.

3,Suitable for 3D LED screen

As a new direction of display technology, 3D LED screen has gained great attention and results this year. To present the naked-eye 3D visual effect, the LED screen needs to be bent into a certain arc (90 degrees), which is what the flexible LED screen can achieve. The 3D LED screen is very good to bring a stronger visual impact to the audience, which plays a huge role in promoting your business growth and brand influence.

3,Easy to install and replace

The installation of flexible LED panel video screens is not limited to closed cabinets. LED video walls are achieved by stitching each individual module together magnetically for seamless panel integration. Eliminate space constraints and magnetic snap-on design to ensure quick installation, replacement, storage and transportation of soft LED screens. Additionally, flexible LED screens are made of materials designed to withstand extreme compression and resist twisting of any kind, which aids in challenging installation jobs that require multiple twists.

Flexible 3d LED screen
Flexible 3d LED screen


The flexible LED screen requires no steel support for maximum flexibility, so it is lighter and thinner than traditional LED screens.

6,Wide range of application scenarios

Due to its light weight and easy installation and replacement, the flexible LED screen can be easily fixed in any indoor scene, such as shopping malls, hotels, stadiums, as well as outdoor stages, concerts, etc. . Create a lively atmosphere to interact with the live audience.


As a business, finding cost-effective display solutions is always a top priority. This is where flexible LED displays come into play. Flexible LED screen prices were originally designed to be cost-effective due to the reduced steel frame structure and are overall a great investment as they maximize your business growth.

Flexible LED screens are an innovative solution to boost your business. However, since every project is unique and different projects require different types of LED screens, choosing the best LED screen is not an easy task. Still, before starting any project, you can still refer to some general rules to choose the best flexible LED screen.

How to choose a flexible LED screen to promote your business?

1,Consider the location of the flexible LED screen
If the LED screen is used for outdoor applications, then the brightness, durability and display resolution of the LED screen need to be considered. Brightness is one of the notable differences between indoor and outdoor LED displays. Outdoor displays are several times brighter than indoor LED displays because the strong sunlight makes the image on the LED display illegible or not bright. Therefore, to provide ultra-high illumination, flexible LED displays for outdoor use must have multiple high-brightness LEDs in a single pixel. In addition, outdoor LED screens must be leak-proof, waterproof, and heat-resistant, especially for outdoor performance stages and glass exterior walls. Outdoor LED displays require a waterproof rating of IP65, while indoor displays only have an IP20 rating. Not only that, but viewers typically watch outdoor LED screens from a greater distance and therefore have a lower resolution, unlike indoor LED displays, which require high resolution due to the shorter distance between the viewer and the screen. Pixel pitch defines the pixel density on an LED display. Outdoor flexible LED displays have larger pixel pitches and lower resolutions, while indoor displays that require high resolution for close viewing have smaller pixel pitches.

2,Consider your business style.
Only by communicating imagery and functionality similar to your business style will you be able to leave a lasting impression on your audience’s mind. So before choosing a flexible LED screen, you should evaluate your business style and what effect you want to achieve with a flexible LED screen. The irregularly shaped flexible LED screens suspended from the ceiling are full of character and debauchery, perfect for entertainment venues such as outdoor stages and concerts. On the other hand, regular long flexible LED screens are very suitable for shopping malls to display product information on the shelves.

3,Choose a reliable LED screen manufacturer.
The LED display industry is relatively mature, and thousands of LED display manufacturers have emerged in the market. Choosing a reliable LED manufacturer is conducive to your follow-up business support and the price of flexible LED screens, because reliable LED screen manufacturers will strictly control product quality, devote themselves to technological innovation, and provide more comprehensive information for the display technology industry. Solution. Like LED, it has been deeply involved in the display technology industry for more than ten years and has mastered professional display technology. The flexible LED screen of LED has the above characteristics and can be flexibly applied to various indoor and outdoor scenarios. The outdoor LED screen has a waterproof rating of IP65, so it is fearless even in harsh outdoor environments. In terms of pixel pitch, the pixel pitch as small as 1.25mm realizes high-definition pictures, making LED in a leading position in the small-pitch LED display industry. With high contrast, excellent brightness and cost-effectiveness, LEDs perform at their best and help your business grow.



What is flexible LED screen?


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