What is an outdoor LED screen?

With the rapid development of digital technology, outdoor full-color LED display plays a pivotal role in the field of advertising media. The following editor will introduce some of the advantages of outdoor full-color screens.

1.Enhance visual impact

Larger size, high-definition picture quality, and outdoor full-color LED screen more comprehensively promote the visual impact of the masses, can quickly transmit information, and promote people’s consumption.

2.Wide coverage

Outdoor full-color LED screens usually appear in high-end shopping malls and transportation hubs where people are concentrated. It can establish stable and good communication with consumers, and arouse consumers’ strong purchasing desire and investment.

3.long release time

The outdoor full-color LED screen can not only play 24 hours a day, but also can save energy and environmental protection, work around the clock, and can fully adapt to various harsh outdoor environments. Overall performance is strong, and cost-effective. The information transmission of the outdoor full-color LED screen is all-weather. It can guide potential customers very well, allowing enterprises to achieve the best advertising effect with less investment cost.

4.low cost

Outdoor full-color LED screens can more effectively cooperate with the publicity and playback of traditional TV advertisements: the cost of outdoor full-color LED screens is only 1% of that of TV advertisements to achieve the effect of ordinary advertisements.

5.The content of the advertisement is easy to modifyThe content of the advertisement is easy to modify

Compared with traditional forms of advertising, in the face of overwhelming advertisements, printing flyers, posters, etc., people gradually lose interest in watching. If it is modified, it will inevitably consume a lot of manpower and material resources, and the LED advertising display only needs to be modified on the terminal device, without extra printing costs, and it is convenient to change the text content of the screen at any time later.

6.upgrade the city

With the rapid development of the application field of outdoor full-color LED screens, many institutions use outdoor full-color LED screens to release some corporate information and city promotional videos, which can beautify the city’s image and improve the level and taste of enterprises. Outdoor full-color LED screens are now widely used in stadiums, venue centers, advertising, transportation, etc., which reflect the economic, cultural and social life of a city.

What are the three major quality judgment standards for outdoor LED displays?

Outdoor full-color LED display is a very common type of LED display. It is not only sensitive to the size of the device, but also has a great increase in weight compared with traditional products. The colors are more vivid and full, allowing you to see more refreshing video. So, if you want to buy a good outdoor full-color LED display, what should you pay attention to? Here are some things to look out for when buying an outdoor LED display.

1.Look at the flatness of the painting.

In order to prevent distortion of the displayed image, the appearance of the full-color outdoor LED display must be within 1 mm. If this requirement cannot be met, some concave and convex phenomena may cause the viewing angle and oblique angle of the outdoor full-color LED display when playing video. Therefore, flatness can be said to be the main factor for judging outdoor high-quality full-color LED displays.

2.Look at the brightness of the screen.

Under normal circumstances, the brightness of the outdoor full-color LED display should reach more than 1500CD/M2. You can stop normal display operation. Otherwise, the brightness will not be enough to view the displayed image content. Therefore, if you want to buy an outdoor full-color LED display, you need to check the quality and brightness parameters of the LED lamp beads.

3.Look at the white balance of the screen.

Because the ratio of the three primary colors of red, green and blue must reach 1: 4.6: 0.16 to make the screen appear the purest white, if the display screen consumed by the outdoor full-color LED display manufacturer is slightly biased towards the ratio of the three primary colors, it will cause a white balance deviation. It affects the display quality of outdoor full-color LED displays, so it is also very important to look at the white balance when purchasing.

What are the advantages of outdoor led advertising display?

1.grab the audience’s attention

The outdoor LED advertising screen information release system displays dynamic publicity information to the audience. With the increasing density of the urban population, the information content of the business promotion is easier to attract the attention of the audience. Therefore, the diversified and real-time display content of the information release system maximizes the popularization of information.

2.Build brand awareness

Many brand merchants use outdoor advertisements for publicity, and continuously broadcast information content, which can make the masses continue to deepen the memory of the merchant’s brand and create a brand awareness promotion strategy.

3.Increase your income stream

The large LED display screen is rented out to advertisers in different time periods, bringing tangible capital income to the city. At the same time, these large LED display screens integrating art, architecture and advertising design elements will directly reflect the city’s commercial and cultural heritage and become an interactive platform for investors and urban business.

4.Help the city to promote

With the help of the large LED display screen, through unified operation, relevant departments can timely push specific information to the general public, including temporary notifications, traffic accidents, extreme weather, hazardous events and other sudden situations, so that people can keep abreast of the situation. Progress and avoid unnecessary panic and injury.

5.rich digital information

In terms of the vividness of the picture, the information release system is the best choice. It can use a variety of elements for dissemination, including pictures, videos, text, audio, etc., so that outdoor advertising can be digitally managed. Avoid the traditional billboards that are easily aged, discolored, deformed and damaged in the wind and the sun.

6.Immersive viewing experience

At present, many outdoor LED advertising screens have been continuously updated, and some advertisements have been displayed with naked-eye 3D technology, giving the past audience an immersive viewing experience, and they had to stop and watch.

naked eye 3D
naked eye 3D

How is the price of outdoor led advertising display affected?

  1. The light-emitting chip (lamp bead) is the main influencing factor.
  2. Display models, generally the smaller the dot pitch, the higher the price, for example, P6 is higher than P10.
  3. Application scenarios, displays with the same point spacing are generally more expensive outdoors than indoors, and technical requirements such as moisture-proof and dust-proof should be required outdoors.
  4. The larger the LED display area, the higher the price.
  5. The price of other materials such as power supply, box body and other accessories made of LED display screen, such as ordinary die-casting aluminum LED box body, is more durable than sheet metal box body, but the price is correspondingly higher.
Outdoor 3Dled display
Outdoor 3Dled display

How much is an outdoor led display per square meter?

The total package price of outdoor P4 is 5900/square meter, and the total package price of outdoor P8 is 4200/square meter. They are all high-end lights and outdoor waterproof precision boxes.



What is an outdoor LED screen?


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