What does small pitch LED technology bring to the film industry?

At this stage, some theaters have used small-pitch LED displays to replace traditional projectors, which is inseparable from the advantages of small-pitch LED displays.

Due to the rapid development of information and network technology, more and more video entertainment will turn to the streaming media market, and the theater market is in a downward trend. Many viewers choose to go to the cinema to experience the shocking effect when watching large-scale movies.

Therefore, for As far as theaters are concerned, better projection equipment is needed to improve the display effect to attract audiences. The more perfect display effect of small-pitch LED movie screens can greatly enhance the viewing experience of audiences.

Not only can the theater increase the market pull and keep it evergreen,

but also because the LED screen is not affected by the light of the venue, it gives the theater more functions,

such as holding corporate activities, live events, and game competitions,

which can increase the theater’s performance in addition to Commercial income other than the box office also meets the multi-functional demands of the new film format.

For the film production industry, because LED display can bring HDR and 3D technology into theaters,

it may have an encouraging effect on the innovation of film shooting and production methods in the future.

How do theaters respond to small-pitch LED technology?

Judging from the current pilot cities, the cinema side should approve the LED small-pitch technology and the display effect of LED small-pitch.

However, because the price has not dropped too much in a short period of time,

the cost of large-scale replacement of the cinema from projection to LED small-pitch LED is relatively high.

Many high-end theaters have tried to use small-pitch LED displays, which proves that this technology has been generally recognized.

Display manufacturers are improving their technology

At this stage, small-pitch LED technology has gradually matured, and problems such as poor heat dissipation, high power consumption,

bright dark lines, and high maintenance costs have been resolved. To improve, many companies such as Samsung and Sony have already deployed cinema screens.

What do people in the industry think about the future direction of these two different technologies for theaters?

The senior marketing director of HOLA-LED pointed out that in the short term, the two will coexist and develop together. But in the further future, small-pitch display technology will be the mainstream. Why is short-term coexistence and development?

Because the traditional cinema projection technology, although the display effect is not as good as that of the LED display,

it is not enough to bear the cost of the LED display in the third- and fourth-tier cities or some small theaters,

and the traditional projection will still be used for a long time technology.

On the other hand, relatively speaking, the upgrade and iteration of the domestic cinema LED market is not particularly fast,

and it will take a period of development and precipitation.

However, it is expected that in the next 5-10 years, the overall price of LED displays will show a downward trend,

which can be more easily matched to high-end theaters, and even compatible with the middle and low-end markets.

By then, the technology of small-pitch LED display will become more and more mature. The price is right, and at the same time, it has a better display effect. The application of small-pitch display screens in theaters can be said to be the general trend.



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